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Another session of COPD

I just need to have a but of a moan! Last week I was s,upposed to have an op for a kidney tumour. Had a bit of a sniffle on the Mon so the GP said to take my antibiotics until the day before op. Got myself to the hospital only for the anaethstetist to say that I can't have op! My chest was too bad to withstand a five hour op and with all the things that it entails. So had to come home. Have now started with really bad infection. Have sent sputum test away on Monday but no result as yet! Not really sure if the GP surgery has really sent it as I have had one or two go missing lately. Trying desperately to get my antibiotics from the surgery as part of my rescue pack. I have the steroids but no antibiotics. Am feeling very frustrated!

Normally, I have these sessions and then get over it and get on with my life as much as I can but sometimes like now, I feel really frustrated. I sometimes feel like my GP gets fed up of me with my chest infections but they ought to have one or two themselves and see what it's like! We COPD sufferers don't want to be the way we are do we?

Sorry about the moans, just had to get it off my chest -HaHa forgive the pun.

Take care everbody and look forward to the spring.

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You carry on morning as you got every right to as you have just had your op canceld even after talking to your doc and top of that not getting your meds I would be mad as well as even if the doc gets mine wrong when I phone and something is missing I start morning about it to the wife and then got to phone the docs again for what is missing and sending someone 4 miles to the chemist to pick them up the next day so you care on have a big morn as much as you like


Thanks David for your reply. I am not a moaner by nature and I don't make waves at the docs usually but it all seems to be going pear shaped lately and I get frustrated.

Oh well, here's hoping it will all get resolved.


You moan, I would too. I hope you feel better soon & the operation gets done quickly.x


Thanks scorpiolass. This COPD is right pain. The infections just flare up from nowhere and I am back on antibiotics and steroids again. I can't plan anything, not even an operation!! It's been like this since I had the flu jab last Oct! Roll on summer at least I have a couple of months free of it then.Are you asufferer as well?


My husband John is on a maintenance antibiotic one a day and has had no infections since and although breathing no better he feels much better than he did. Has not had to have steroids since. just a thought !


Hi poppy.

Glad to hear about your John. Sounds like a good idea being on a maintenence ab. I can have trouble getting my rescue pack at times! Some GP's are better than others I guess. I have had on off infections since Oct and I am now in the middle of one now. I have only been off abs and steroids about three weeks and off we go again! These infections drag you down when you keep having them.I don't know how I would cope without my other half as he is so good and patient

What ab's is your husband on and how long has he had COPD?

I wish you both well and enjoy the good weather when it comes. Xx


John was in hospital 3 years ago and came out on oxygen after bad infection. Don't know what you mean by ab. He is now on oxygen all the time and does not leave his bed. He is going to Addenbrookes tomorrow and the ambulance is picking him up at 6.30. He is also ok warfarin for his heart. We live in Norfolk . I am his carer . He is on number 3 for oxygen on his machine. We also have liquid oxygen. He used to have loads of infections but since 1 antibiotic a day he has been a lot better. Mind you family have made sure nobody visits with a cold. It's hard to say how long he has had it probably about 8 years. He was a smoker. hope you feel better soon. As you say can't wait until the good weather comes, I love my garden lots of love


Gosh, your John is going through the mill is'nt he? When I say ab's it is shorthand for antibiotics. Yes, we are always vetting the family for colds as we have 4 grandchildren and the youngets who is five alwadys seems to have the sniffles or a temp. Mind you I had 6 weeks of being grandchildren free whilst waiting for my op and then I ended up with a chest infection anyway!

Let me know how your hubby gets on at Addenbrookes. Godd luck and God Bless you both.xx




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