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Hi I was in hospital with atypical pneumonia. I was discharged 12 days ago. Although I feel a lot better I still feel chesty & I feel quite tired if I try to exert myself. The hospital doctor said I should be ok to return to work about now but i dont feel well enough to do a few hours let alone a full days work. Is it normal for my chest to feel sensitive and sore this far into my recuperation?

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I have also noticed that my limbs and buttocks are beginning to ache again.


What causes the aches and pains? I had pneumonia last year Annabel x


It does take time for the body to repair and heal. Gradually increase your daily activities and balance out with rest and relaxation.

When you are ready will your work place put in a graded or stepped return to work for you?

Can you speak to the HR department at work to discuss?

Hope you are feeling much better before long.


Sounds like you are not strong enough to go back to work yet. Personally, I would give yourself at least a month. Your body needs to fully heal before you go back to work, and also you will be emotionally affected more than you realise. Give yourself time. From my experience hospitals generally underestimate the time you need. Talk to your GP. Keep work informed of your progress.

If you go back too soon, your immune system will not have fully recovered to fight off those nasty germs. Keep smiling.


Feisar I think most people would disagree with your hospital doctor. It can take quite a few weeks to recover from pneumonia. I suggest you contact your own GP.

Take care, Sheila x


Feisar It took me a good few months to recover from pneumonia, I gained my strength back very gradually. I have been retired a few years now but no way would I have been able to work full time for quite a long while. Can you not go back part time for a little while until your health has recovered properly.


I will see what can be done but it's a bit difficult as I'm a bus driver working long shifts with smalll breaks, from early in the morning or finishing late at night.

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Feisar, With the job that you do its even more important not to go back full time until you are completely recovered. You must need a hell of a lot of concentration to do what you do, which you have not got when unwell. I know this sounds hard but you also have a duty to the passengers that you carry to be fully fit before driving. Do hope your employers will help you. I worked for a very small employer for 25 years who expected you to work regardless, he would not do a thing to help anyone who was unwell, if you could stand up then you could work.


You need more time, don't rush back x


Hi Feisar, it's absolutely normal that you're not fully recovered after a bout of pneumonia.

The infection & meds all take away your strength & you should not return to work till you feel able.

You will know yourself when you can go back.

You don't say how long you spent in hospital but I was told by my consultant that for every day you spend in bed ill in hospital, it takes a week to recover.

So if you were confined more or less to bed for a week then it could take around 7 weeks before you're back to normal.

Stay at home & rest with a little light exercise, eat well, sleep as often as you like, take your meds & you'll soon be back at work. 💐


Thank you. I was in bed at home for days with what I thought was flu then a further 4 days in hospital.


I thought I had flu as well, i was in bed for days till eventually I went to my GP.apparently all the time I thought I had flu, I actually had pneumonia. So i was very lucky my Dr acted as fast as he did with a mass of antibiotics. I couldn't even lift my own weight even tho I had lost 2 stone. Believe me that was so scary. So get 100 per cent fit take care. X Annabel


I had right side pain which I endured for months thinking it was muscle pain ..Guess I was stupid..I hate to take drugs cus I know how bad they can be sometimes..The pain rediated to my right arm and I knew something was wrong.Went for X ray and the result.

There is haziness of the right lung field.

Left lung field is clear.

Costophrenic sulci are free.

Cardiac size and bony thorax are normal

Conclusion : features are suggestive of pneumonitis.

Was prescribed Augmentin 1g with diclifenac 100mg dor the pain..

My symtomps are mild,no fever,cough out thick yellow sputum but not often,no fever,i have apetite,i have energy,i dont feel or look sick,.No headache,no shortness of breath,no cold,just this right side pain which is on and off..

My weight is 75kg,blood pressure is 120/80.34 years old,occassional smoker,can count number of cegaretes ive smoked.. tested for Hepatisis B and urin analysis for kidney which all came back normal.

This is my second week of using Augentin 1g and I still have this right side on and off pain which sometimes hurt while laying down,standing or when I try to bring down anything,when I walk it hurts and does hurt when I breath sometimes,.Chest tightness has stopped,chest doesnt hurt when I take deep breath,Thinking its the dexlofenac that helped with that,.I am concerned and scared,am not on any insurance,am in Nigeria and paying for test is expensive,really scared and I dont know what it might be..Havent tried anything yet,just the Augmentin 1g..Am I on the right Anti biotics ? Dr thinks Augmentin 1g is like a sledge hammer to the infection,am not dumb,maybe he is or we are both dumb..I know how I feel and I know I dont feel Augmentin is working,dont want to prescribe drug for my self,this is the longest time I ve used Anti biotics,Dr's here dont want to be told what to do.should I try another Anti biotics like erythromicin ?...


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