What Is wrong

lung/ breathing problems since December the doctors have thrown everything they have it

x ray negative

2 x sputum negative

antibiotics haven't worked steroids have not helped either, I have been given duoresp inhaler no joy,

The GP has asked me to do another X ray which I have and second blood test to rule out DVT Taking a deep breath hurts like hell and my lung makes a popping and crackling noise.

Unfortunately I have been smoking on and off since 11, I have up 2 years ago, A couple of doctors at the practice have said COPD maybe, I'm now been referred to a specialist.

there has been musty smell in my bedroom. the landlord has investigated and said its condensation and that they will be putting a fan in the bathroom. I did inform the GP about the damp but he doesn't think its the cause.

I have Barretts were the acid in my stomach burns my throat I asked the GP if the tablets could be causing me to cough they changed my medication and I'm no better. I just don't know where to go or what to do. I have not been able to take a proper deep breath in for weeks. The strength of the cough is causing incontinence too.

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Go to a family member or friends house for a week, (a non smokers house) and see if your symptoms improve. Don't feel bad about imposing, it's your life were talking about here,

Very good suggestion, shortbreath - then nodemus would know if it is the damp and mustiness in in the bedroom rather than the reflux problems or something else.

Just want to say that l hope you get the help you need and a proper diagnosis very soon. Xxx

I'm sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. This is my first reply to anyone (I posted on here just a little while ago to find some answers too!) so bear with me. Before I was in hospital, I had extreme pain in my chest when breathing in and only went to the hospital because my GP thought it might be a clot on the lungs. this was after 2 rounds of antibiotics and lots of lemsip! X Ray was fine but it wasn't until they did a ct scan that they found ground glass opacities and extensive organising pneumonia in my lungs. I did initially respond to steroids as they reduce inflammation. I'm not sure if this is your diagnosis but it might be worth pushing for further scans? I hope you're better soon. X

Would also like to confirm that often X-rays are useless in this situation. A CT scan will give a much better picture. Ask your GP.

Glad to hear you are being referred to a specialist. It might be worth calling the helpline and asking their advise - You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. The best of luck and hope you start to feel better soon. Lots of love xxx

I agree with other members that xrays dont sow much you need a scan its how i found out i had bronchiectasis and the problems you have in your bedroom will be causing a problem so unless you can change rooms perhaps try and get a dehumidifier until the landlord sorts it out

Hi....you have Barretts with reflux, could it be worth looking at your recent diet.

Christmas, birthdays,visitors ....I ate all the wrong things including lots of chocolate. Yesterday afternoon choc biscuits & by evening I was in a right state due to silent reflux........the acid comes up & into the trachea causing irritation followed up with a fast build up of mucus

............ A very late new years resolution. .....is no more.

I was told by the Barretts specialist I needed to lose weight, so I went and put on a extra 3 stone!!! on the 3rd of feb I joined slimming world its a slow progress i have only lost 6lb so far. My ibs has calmed down since the new diet so its looking good on that front.

Sorry, but I have to ask.......on your diet do you eat salads with salad dressings , tomatoes ( in any form ) ?

To add a ittle sparkle and taste to some meals do you add brown sauce or mustard or vinegar ??.how about curry ?

You must be eating oranges and other fruit to help keep you full. What about your morning coffee ??????... Fruit drinks even Lemsip and the odd little tipple.

What pain tablets did you take?????, I recently was given Naproxen after an accident, but even with my PPIs doubled I did not dare take naproxen after 2 pm. So had to rely on Paracetamol and hot water bottles.

I have had this condition for more years than I care to admit.

All the medications in the world will not stop reflux......just slow

it down a little, plus eating with care.

My bed head is up on blocks and my husband is now used to slipping towards the foot of the bed.

Sorry for going on , I do wish you well.

thanks for the info I try and avoid stuff that's acidic the low fodmap diet is something im trying to stick too as also have ibs so its good for that the slimming world diet seems to work well for the acid and ibs as it generally promotes eating from scratch. as for pain relief paracetamol seems to help. not allowed ibuprofen as it will upset my stomach. PPis that i am taking are only given in the morning trying to get the acid reflux under control is another battle. Im going to ask the doctor to up my reflux medication as I could be aspirating the acid.

I think I will work on this advice ...(reflux) (ill for 3 months)

Hi.....if I can give you any more info on reflux do's & dont's

please say.


Thank you..that would be nice

I had a very similar condition. Extreme chest pain coughing up all sorts of mucus. I saw two locum doctors who gave me antibiotics (which had no effect) but one was more diligent and took a blood sample with a sputum sample. The results came back but was never explained to me and for six months I continued being out of breath until I saw a specialist at the hospital who told me the bacterier that is in my lungs should be in my stomach. I now take ranitidine and carbosistien. I also had a CT scan and there is massive areas of scarring on my lungs which will never get better. The point I am making is it took six months for me to get an appointment with the specialist and I wasn't treated at anytime in that six month. So, my advice is, be a nuisance and ask for a ct scan, blood test, lung function test and see a specialist. I wish you well.

I was a nuisance today rang the doctors and insisted that the referral to see the specialist was marked "urgent" and they are going to do that for me. other wise the appointment was the 26 April I cant wait that long. It doesnt help that the jobcentre are on my case with finding work, whos gonna want to employ me when im coughing in the interview.

I Agree, I guess all you can do is find some cough suppressant to get through the interview. Good luck, I'm rooting for you.

I agree, along with these chest problems I have rhinitis, which is persistent. I'm glad you got an earlier appointment, well done and, I wish you well with the job hunting. Do keep me posted if you would.

Don't know if just one small extracter fan will cure the damp problem. Good ventilation is what you need..leave the Window open in the bathroom. And close the bathroom door For a while..

Damp is bad enough for a fit person and

Very bad for person that are already ill.

If you can smell it then it's already got bad enough to make your condition worse.

Andy xx.

The landlord is going to install a fan for me in the bathroom. I think its just a case of eliminating the external causes, and see if it helps in anyway.

While you are waiting for specialist appt: Are you taking something for the GORD? Usually omeprazole Proton Pump Inhibitor or the like? If not start taking ranitidine night and morning while waiting to see the gp to prescribe a PPI.

Make sure your GP has marked the referral 'urgent' or it will be months.

thanks for the replies guys, The doctor has referred to specialist but not as an urgent so there gonna sort that out for me @shortbreath thanks for the tip staying at someone else's house is a good idea. @soulsaver Im taken PPIs atm long term every morning no told me they were a lifetime med so all the problems with my breathing happened around the same time as a severe acid attack. I felt as though I aspirated some acid. I told GP but he wasn't convinced that the PPIs or the acid is/was an issue. I will inform the specialist of my medical history when I get to see them. once again thanks for the info and help guys.Nice to know I'm not on my own with these problems.

Give yourself a break and quit smoking!!!

Oh I don't smoke I gave up two years ago its the others in the family that smoke fortunately we don't live together.

You could ask for a high definition CT scan with and without contrast. Perhaps then they could differentiate between Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It's important because of treatment protocol. Best of luck!

Thanks I will ask for HD CT. Its so strange the wheezing and popping builds up throughout day, taking a deep breath in is effort.

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