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Doing A Bit Of Feng Shui?

It's not good for you to have things under your bed...bad enough to be peeking to see if there's a monster lurking...boxes with stuff stored in them need to be elsewhere.

The thinking behind it is pretty obvious actually...your subconscious registers there isn't a clear space beneath your sleeping area and so your head is cluttered, which leads to scrambled thoughts and bad dreams.

Same with stacking stuff on the top of a wardrobe...that creates pressure which manifests itself as headaches and migraines...

Goes without saying your bed must never have the foot facing the door...neither should you have a mirror hanging up which only shows your top half...that makes you feel disconnected from yourself...full length mirror or no mirror at all.

Cupboards ought to be neat with everything in its rightful place...drawers ought to open and close easily without sticking...having to force drawers closed or only open them with an effort creates disharmony...

Plants don't escape...Spider plants and others which hang downwards need to be placed on a table rather than hanging up and trailing down...constantly seeing something above your head can cause depression...mobiles, crystals and wind-chimes should be hung at eye level.

Under no circumstances should you ever enter your home while wearing outdoor shoes...the dust and dirt of the outside needs to remain outside...contamination occurs otherwise and you're also bringing the worries of your working day into your home...

I did once meet a chap who made a good living from advising people about introducing Feng Shui into their homes...his small flat was a tip actually...

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heh heh........Oh dear vashti - Love your writings. I've been doing it wrong all my life. The reason for boxes under my bed means there is no room for the bogey man, and thank goodness for fitted units. I have a large circular mirror opposite my bed and it makes my top half look gigantic so I don't look in it.... sneaking away to take my boots off now............I am such a peasant :-D


urgh Vashti Feng Shui sounds like too much hard work, keeping everything in the right places etc. I will stick to my Tai Chi if you don't mind, much more relaxing :-) :-) janx


That's me done for then.....explains a lot health wise

I am waiting with bated breath to know what's inside your pine chest.....a book on Feng Shui it seems!


No hope for us vashti, foot of bed faces door, bed drawers stuffed full as are wardrobes and so on.

Oh well never mind



LOL. I actually read this with interest. I'm the opposite to all that post.


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Vashti, enjoyed reading that & thought I would go through your points & see how I get on! 😂

The foot of my bed doesn't face the door & I don't have things under my bed.

I have fitted wardrobes, so nothing in sight there!

I only have 2 plants which are half dead. I always have flowers in vases though!

Most of my drawers are quite tidy & none of them stick.

I'm doing quite well, aren't I?

I do not have a full length mirror just a large one above the bathroom sink. If I stand back I can nearly see all of me!

I am guilty of walking in the door with my shoes or boots on but I do take them off as soon as I sit down.

Oh well that's my Feng Shui exercise for tonight!

Thanks Vashti for another wonderful post! 💐

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Lovely post Vashti. I don't think I quite fit the Feng Shui approach to living. I agree with A1J15; don't leave space for the bogey man to hide & I love plants hanging down. I am reasonably tidy & place things away but I have a bright plastic hula hoop, on top of the wardrobe. I was convinced I could use this, after all I did when young, sadly no luck so far & it cost 50p & one day I may master it again. X


Mobiles, crystals and wind chimes at eye level don't cure depression..they cause headaches and black eyes!

Interesting as always, vashti.

Tee x


Yes good point. I would imagine living with a Comedian hell!!....

Have you heard the one about hanging a dream catcher in your doorway, if you have a straight path, to keep the poison arrows away?

There is also the one about having a frog with it's back end facing south west to bring money?

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I like all these ideas, and believe there's something to it. I was wondering if clutter in the floor means something? I have a problem about that. No matter how messy a room is; I just have to keep everything up and off the floor!?

Also open pathways, have to keep area from drive to house and house to barn, all clear. Same with walkways and pathways through the house. My hubby has a bad habit of dropping things on the ground wherever he stops...makes me crazy.


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