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mystery ?


I'm not sure if anyone can help as the doctors seem a bit baffled !

I'm 46 years old was very fit and active until last October . Started with a high heart rate ( fit bit tells me I fat burn for 15 plus hours per day ) resting heart rate always over 95. Then became very breathless . Have had loads of tests , said heart was fine just high so now they are saying it is respiratory . Had a spirometry test today which cam back that I have the lungs of a 32 year old.

I really want to be back to "normal" but don't know what to do. The GP has tested for lots of different things and are now saying they will send me to the respiratory clinic at the hospital - but what will they find if the spirometry test was normal ?

Any ideas would be really helpful



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The tests you will have at hospital are very much more than you would have had at your Dr's Surgery.

Good Luck.



Hi Jo,a warm welcome to the forum.

The tests at hospital are full lung function tests which you cannot have at your GP's surgery. They can only offer Spirometry tests which don't tell too much.

You would be better taking up the offer of attending the respiratory clinic & getting to the bottom of your breathlessness.

Hope you don't have to wait too long for your appointment.

Let us know how you get on 🌻


Sound advice Jessy11

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Thanks for all your help . I hope the hospital have the answer .

I have tried to "Google" what would cause breathlessness and fast heart but all the answers relate to the heart ( or other things that have proved ok like thyroid) what respiratory issue causes fast heart ? I just want to know so I can start a get better plan !!

Thanks again for your good advice



Hi jo, I was just wondering how you noticed you had a high pulse rate in October...did it start suddenly?

I guess you don't have any other symptoms such as chest pains.

I expect that you are worried, but anxiety may raise your heart rate's easy to get into a vicious circle.

I hope you find some answers when you go for your respiratory tests.

Take care

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Hi Jo,

Sorry to hear that. I know it's scary and really sucks, especially when you enjoy exercising. I'm no doctor, but one thing that comes to mind is a pulmonary embolism. They can be large and life threatening or small and cause the symptoms you describe. And it can happen to anyone even conditioned athletes. Even Venice Williams had one. Luckily the therapy for recovery is exercise even though it's hard. But I would have thought you would have been better by now. Other than that may some sort of allergy causing a bronchospasm.


hi knitter

I had just come back from holiday and noticed my heart racing . I cut out caffeine and left it thinking it would calm down .

A few weeks later I thought I had a chest infection but they sent me to hospital and did loads of tests , sent me to a cardiologist who has sinced ruled out the heart .

I do have some chest pains but they are in the top of my back when I lie down .

I'm not anxious , my heart is over 100 when I sleep ! I am confused as to why I am so rough after being ok - and no-one can tell me why ?

I work full time travelling 2.5 hours a day and am trying to carry on as normal - I just need answers !?

Hopefully the respiratory clinic will be the answer



Hi I googled high heart rate and found this. Don't know how accurate it is though

'Possibilities include anemia, an underlying infection, elevated thyroid hormone, or reaction to medication. Addressing those conditions would likely bring the heart rate back to a normal rate. Other factors may be involved, too, such as overdoing caffeine'

Is it possible any of these could apply to you? x


Hi Coughalot

Thanks for taking the time to investigate !

All those have been tested and this week re- tested just in case but looking unlikely .

But hopeful



Hi I had exact same thing happen to me and I like you saw cardiologist nothing wrong with my heart angiogram was clear too but was diagnosed with COPD I didn't believe them because I like you was fit as a fiddle untill that sudden onset of tachycardia and then the breathlessness I now taken a pile of inhalers and beta blockers to slow the heart down which do manage to keep my rate as yours at about 90/100 while at rest. I hope they find out what is causing your heart to race and can sort it for you good luck.


Having a rapid heart rate was my first symptom of Usual Interstitial Pneumonia or U.i.P. which is under the umbrella of Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis or I.P.F.


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