feel so ill

im 60 in april. smoked since was 12 years lately smoking the cheap hookie cigs. february 3rd came down with another chest infection. today tried a cig for first time in 2 weeks. smells awful food is nearly non existent dont drink liquid like i used too(could down 2 litre juice in a night) is this what i can expect now for giving up something ive done for 48yrs? had copd for 10 yrs

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  • So sorry you feel so ill. Is it since you stopped smoking? - well done for that because it's so hard, and you've done the worst bit. Don't start it again, but have you had any help with it? -patches, support, whatever??

    Or do you think you've still got a chest infection? Could be you need more antibiotics.Sounds as though you should see your GP again because what you describe doesn't sound like withdrawal symptoms. You will feel ill though if you dehydrate - drink water, sips, little and often. The same with food, whatever you feel you can face, because you need some energy.

    When you feel so ill, sheila514, you need help. Get on the phone and get back soon to tell us how you're doing. It's pants, isn't it??! There are lots of people on this site to help - smilie face, but I still can't do them.

    Love, Sue x

  • it is a colon : followed by a close bracket ) without any punctuation next to it. If you hover over the image you will see how it is constructed. :)

  • Then try

    :o ................. : and o

    ;) ............ ; and )

    :D ............ : and D

    :P ............ : and P

    :( ............. : and (

  • oh thanks for that, have only ever done smiley or frown :-) only I put a hyphen in to give him a nose :-p jan x

  • Did reply to this, Toci, to thank you but it's not here so don't know where I put it! I can understand what you say and I can do it but can't get the smiling smilie. Is it because this is an Apple and it's not loaded?

    There are worse things to worry about! x

  • I agree with Watfordgirl. If you still feel so ill see you Dr again. And well done on a fortnight without cigarettes.

  • Well done for going without cigarettes for two weeks. Concentrate now on ditching it for good - whatever help you can get - take it. You must eat - little and often if you really can't face a full meal- and water too is very important. You sound quite down in the dumps to me. If you don't feel fully recovered, go back to your doctor and tell them. Please listen to what everyone advises here, we all want to offer help and support.

  • Sorry you are feeling this way. I think you should call the doctor.

  • Hi there is a quit smoking site on here. Go into My Communities at the top of your screen, click into browse other communities and type the word 'Quit' in the search box and up it comes. They will give you lots of help and support to stay off the evil weed. x

  • Hi Sheila, started at 8 (yup, Mum's Woodbines were my regulars - and if she hadn't got enough then it was Dad's Senior Service ... oh, how they made me cough!!) and stopped at 58 (4 years back).

    Whenever I think I could murder for one I just imagine how I'd feel if I did spark up another one - that's enough to put me off! COPD and recently sleep apnoea (there has to be a link) nah, I'll settle for a whisky and a sugar free liquorice sweet (only 6cal each!).

    The other thing that helps me is spending ... yeah, a bloke, but I'm gadget mad and now I'm fifteen quid a day better off man, oh man, do I launch into them - next job is to fit the new CCTV system, learning to fly the drone, new Surface laptop thingy ... list goes on. Get a couple more weeks under your belt then go spending (in the next couple of weeks you can plan the expedition) like it's going out of fashion!!

    Get some help from the doctor then start planning the spending spree!

    Enjoy (and be selfish - spend it all on yourself) :)

  • Hello nice to meet you Sheila, you sound like you need to get back to the doctor's and there should be a support group/nurse to help with the stopping smoking. It does get better with time, be extra good to yourself you are so worth it! huff xxx

  • I have learned the hard way that if I don't eat every day (whether I want to or not), get enough rest and get up and move about (again, whether I want to or not) I suffer horribly the next day and that went double when I had pneumonia last month! A lesson well learned! Please go see your doctor!

  • Hope you're feeling a bit better, LadyoRockee? I don't know why but what you said has stayed in my head. It's motivating me. Thank you! Look after yourself, Sue x

  • Well done Sheila for staying off the cigs. i want to back up what everyone else is telling you... Eat little and often and little sips of water regularly. Even if you don't fancy it, remember your body needs it. Keep strong xxxx

  • I am 69 and smoked for 41 years and worked in saw dust environment now with severe COPD and mild Emphysema and I stopped smoking when I was diagnosed 12 years ago. I promise you that you will not regret smoking but you will regret ever smoking. Life is so much more enjoyable without cigs. Best of luck, It helps if you have support.

  • Try a salt pipe. Holland and Barratt special offer at the moment. Not had bronchitus in the past 2 years since I got a Salt pipe. Smoker friend said her chest feels so much clearer after 2 days of use. Quote:

    The Cisca Easy Salt Pipe is 100% natural, as well as drug and preservative free. This lightweight dry salt inhaler is portable and provides all of the natural health benefits of salt therapy. CE medical Class Iia. With no known side effects, the age-old treatment of salt therapy can help relieve symptoms associated with: -Asthma

    -Hayfever, Allergies


    -Common colds

    -Sinus problems

    -COPD, Bronchitis

    -Breathing problems The moisture of air moving through the internal salt crystals absorbs microscopic particles of salt, allowing it to penetrate the entire respiratory tract when inhaled. Impurities are flushed away by the natural self-cleansing mechanisms of the sodium. Congestion and irritation is eased by excess fluid being drawn from the sinuses and cell lining. This cleanses the respiratory system and opens the airways. The user is able to breathe easier due to the thinning effect of the salt on mucus, helping it to clear naturally.

    The crystal salt inside the pipe lasts up to 6 months.

  • stay away from these cheap cigs and bakki they have all sorts of dangerous chemicals in them if you must smoke, smoke the best you can buy, I have copd and cheap bakki is big cause of breathin probs

  • If you must smoke?. Not smoking at all would be better for your lungs. I don't think the price of the cigarette has any thing to do with how your breathing is it is the fact that you are smoking I know it is hard to stop but you can do it. Have you tryed the ecig a lot of people have stopped using that including me. Get some help please

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