Son will now have 2 Birthdays fingers crossed?

Son will now have 2 Birthdays fingers crossed?

Things have been a little manic the past few days. My eldest son has been treated and flattened so he can have the transplant. The Donor was a 34 year old female from the UK. All I know is the code they gave but whoever you may be thank you for the donation!

The picture is of the card he got when they did the transplant from Antony Nolan Trust.

To say that he is at the very least tired is an understatement but they are very happy with how it is progressing.

He will be in the hospital for at least another 4 weeks providing he does not pick up any bug on the way?

Before the transplant he was treated at his local hospital but the main treatment he was in our local hospital. This is where it shows how some hospitals think about their patrons. My sons hospital do weekly parking tickets to help costs. My hospital where he had a large amount of treatment does nothing but charge hourly rates, no concessions and issue as many tickets as it can if you break their many rules. They have a Disability area for blue badge holders. But at least 20% has non Badge holders in there. But this is where it gets my goat. They give 15 minutes free parking but they let more cars in than spaces so it is not uncommon to drive around for 20 minutes or more looking for a space? This car park was so full one day I went to another part to wait for 25 minutes for my car to get to the barrier to let me in. Once I got in, there was 15 parking spaces I could see from my car, vacant! Now is it any wonder that people will park in areas to get to their appointments on time, then to get a ticket which they expect Β£60.00 for?

The transplant hospital do weekly, monthly tickets plus a 20 visit ticket fo Β£10.00. But as I am on ESA Support as long as I show them my forms I get free parking. This is a great help as this hospital is a daily 48 mile round trip for us, so fuel costs are draining the budget loads.

Be Well

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Hi Offcut

Do hope all goes well for your son, will be thinking of him and saying a few prayers that he comes through it all ok, keeps us updated on his progress.


will do.

((((HUGS)))) Fingers crossed. xxx

As are ours

Wonderful news Offcut. I wish him well and also thinking of the donor's generous family giving a stranger the chance of new life.



I wish I could shake her hand.

Very, very good wishes to your son, Offcut. Everything crossed that his 2nd birthday is the best one he's ever had! And wonderful present given by his donor.

Wishing him a healthy recovery

Tee x

thank you

You could do without all the extra stress that parking at the hospital causes. All good wishes for a trouble free recovery for your so .

thank you I heard today the appeal against the hospital company that run the parking, that gave me a ticket has been won :)

Well done, even more so at such a stressful time for you and your family.

Good luck to your son Offcut. I hope the transplant goes well and he is feeling a lot better soon.

The car park here at my local hospital charges a fortune. There are a lot of car parks but you always end up parking in one quite a way from the hospital. It's very hilly too and not easy if you are not well.

When my sister was taking my mum to the hospitl in her car I had to go too to look after her while my sister went trawling for a parking space. x

The one we are at now is a fair distance from his ward and it is taking it's toll on me to be honest. But at least it is free.

Wishing your son all the very best and thank goodness for donors.

Parking fees are terrible at hospitals but at the local hospital people who want to shop would park leaving no spaces for those that need them.

You take care, Xxx

The one that gave me a ticket is the one that offers no concessions at all. But it is not near anything so no need to charge such high prices.

Wish you and your son the very best.

What wonderful people there is in the world...the Donor...the donor family the doctors the surgeon's and last but not least the NHS.

Bless them all.

100% agree

How wonderful to hear that your son has a donor. I will be thinking of you and your family Offcut.

I signed up to be a donor at my doctor's some years ago. I'm not sure if there will much worth having left though.

It worries me that the next of kin can override the wishes of the donor. My husband is not keen on the idea.

They can have anything that is still working and my family are fully aware of that. But not sure what is left working? ;)

Offcut, I'm so pleased for your son. Brilliant news πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Thank you

Heres hoping that everything goes well and that he will think all his birthdays have come at once and he can enjoy them all Lol.

They seem pleased with the progress to date so even though it it will be some time it will be worth it.

Offcut So very pleased for your son and family fingers crossed for the next few weeks.


Our thoughts are with your whole family but especially your Son.


He is a bit brighter but still throwing up :(

Wishing your son, you and your family very best wishes for a great outcome. My thoughts are with you all and with your son's doner and her family.

Love and healing hugs to all.

With love


We would all love to speak to her.

Hi offcut, sooo glad things are going in the right direction for ur son, will keep my fingers crossed.

My daughter Sharnie (16 ) was told on Monday its bone marrow transplant for her to now , her brother ( 20 ) and youngest sister ( 15 ) are now having to go for blood tests to see if their a match. Bloomin heart wrenching ain't it.

As for parking costs it's disgusting, I had to run in the hospital to pick up some of sharnies chemo tablets last week, they told me they were ready for collection but I had to wait 30 mins, I'd parked in the 20 min bay thinking I would be straight out but I got a Β£70 ticket on my car even though I had my blue badge showing, well they can bugger off I'm not paying it, it's costing me a fortune in fuel and parking costs for us lot to keep going hospital, I don't mind as a rule but I Ain't paying Β£70 for ten minutes over when I was picking up a life saving drug,

Anyway well wishes to u, ur son and the rest of the family xx Sonia xx

If they are members of BPA then this may help.

16.5 If your landowner provides a concession that allows

parking for disabled people, if a vehicle displays a valid

Blue Badge you must not issue it with parking charge


Remember it is not a fine but an invoice if it is on private land based on contract law. They can only legally get money off you if they take you to court and win. Best to speak to the hospital first to see if they will get it cancelled. Do not get in touch with the parking company.

Fantastic news Offcut - he's had such an arduous journey already (as have you all). Hope everything goes smoothly now - please keep us updated. All very best wishes.

Thank you

Thinking of you all, especially your son. Xx


Best wishes, hope all goes well.

Our local does weekly tickets but also charges blue badge holders. Other hospital charges but free for blue badges, different trusts janx

that is the problem no consistency

Great news that he's got a donor Offcut, I wish him all the best for his transplant and a speedy recovery. xx

Thank you it is going to plan so far.

Good morning Offcut. What a stressful time you are all having,made even worse by the parking problems. Do hope your son stays well enough to have the op and things will soon be on the up and up. Look after yourself also,stress is so very bad for you. Very best wishes to you and your family, Bulpit

Stress is a problem but got to put on a brave face in front of him

That's good news Offcut, and I am sure we all appreciate your up date, best wishes to your son for a speedy recovery. May I ask how you are coping through this crises, well I hope. ? will join you in giving thanks to the donor's family for making this possible for your family. Stay well xx

My breathing at the moment is not good at all. I thought I was going to A&E again last night. I think the adrenalin has ran out now.

Take care, don't forget you need rest too xx

Got an urgent appointment this morning at GP's. Will depend on who I see?

catch up with you later

Hi offcut good to see you hope all goes well for him it sounds like he's in a good hospital. Know what you mean about the parking our hospital was free parking then they brought in this car park company part owned by the leader of the council its just gone up again bloody stinks if you ask me.

They have a captured market. Money over care!

A tiny amount goes to the hospital and the rest goes to the fat cat and greedy councillor

Prayers and blessings for your son and for the donor family.

Thank you

My Young niece gave a bone marrow donation a few weeks ago. We know it went to a woman suffering from cancer but no more. I think you can find out the name of your di ar after a year. My nieces other Aunt (on her Mum's side) has also donated bone marrow Andre German lady she donated her bone marrow to now sends her a card on the anniversary of the operation to say thank you for the donation. Hope everything continues to go well.

Parking at hospitals is a pain. We are lucky in Wales that parking is free. My sister-in-law was in hospital for a long time a few years ago and about a week before she finally came out we found out that the hospital did special prices and/or free parking for people there long term. Still we had free parking for that last week.

All the best



I was on the Anthony Nolan donor list when it first came on the scene. Wrong age now plus with all my drugs and problems I do not think it would help anyone now

Yes all of us are on the list but too old now. Though I do know if you are of a "peculiar and rare type" they will take you even when you are older.

I fit the peculiar section :)

Dear Offcut,

Our family thoughts are with your son and all of you. I'm so glad the transplant went well, now you all have the waiting bit as he regains his strength and will be able to come home. Just think it will be springtime and a time of rebirth, so we hope that all of you can celebrate and enjoy the rebirth of your sons health and happiness.



Thank you. It is each day as it comes now.

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