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Tad Graphic : You Ever GET The Feeling A Pervious Occupation Is Coming Back To Haunt You

I had few breathing issues and tad of a rank cough TaLK about look after you lungs.

If only my previous employers had told me about ASBESTOS and risk ... Eh anyway getting back to my rank cough ... Think mine was down to something rank from previous occupation LUKY me eh ... I managed to cough it up.

Who would think serpentine chrysotile in your lungs would crate fluff balls RANK but interesting AS if it was cotton or fibreglass nylon am sure my antibodies would of devolved asbestos fibres.

I bet that's why my IGM Antibiodes have vanished as they have worn them self out trying to desolve asbestos lung balls.

Picture is of ASBESTOS lung balls "white asbestos"

One on left is how I got it up that as left my throat raw ... There is red strands in with that lot and that's BLUE asbestos "crocklidite" by all accounts if you manipulate light on microscope.

Picture on right is same as left but with light manipulated .. as you can see asbestos fibres are translucent but stained with what I assume to be lung inflammation antibodies trying to deslove asbestos fibres.

As you can see fibres are quite intact " it's shame my lungs " was not so lucky given asbestos induced inflammation emphysema.

I could go on about emphysema & inflammation serum deficancy but all save that for other day.

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I worked with asbestos when I was 15 grinding the remnants of brake linings off brake shoes to bond new ones on no mask on just me in a little room with dust every were I was only their a week and only done it for 20 mins or so that was in 1970 seven years later I developed ashma had ouite few chest infections started training in karate in 1980 which eased ashma off a lot went on brown inhaler no problems till 4 years ago said I had mild copd but I have managed with this still working on a pink inhaler now which is great have you heard of serepeptase it dissolves dead tissue out of your body read it gets it out your lungs to its enzyme of the silk worm which dissolves the shell so it can get out of the shell I have been on it 12 months

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Hi Guytane thanks for reply sounds totally rank that silk worm business.

Personally I don't think it's that as when I recovered that I coughed up did feel hard on fingers and never lost it's shape.

Not sure have enough lung material left to use try serepeptase

i think with asbestos its like smoking some people are lucky others are not ,my dad had bad asthma all his life he was a builder and use to angel grind asbestos sheets for years with no mask on they use to do a lot of renovations of old houses too chipping the old plaster of walls all with no masks on ripping celling out ect , he been lucky he has slight copd now to go with the asthma is 81 years old and still walk a mile to go get his news paper , if I go out with him I struggle to keep up with him ,


Hi Mmzetor defo agree about some are lucky.

Good age glads ya dads going strong ... I have trouble keeping up to can be enbarasing when have to sit down because your bushed.

It's bad when disabled ramps can tire you out .. now I use the steps .. If has to many steps or steep ramp al pass on it :)

Thanks again

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yea true I can fast walk up 10 floors as my legs get tired b for my lungs but results say I have mild copd had it over 4 years its stil the same slite better than 4 yers ago I think they label copd when it could just b ashma as am a tree surgeon stil climin at 60 and I don't get out breath

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little story a about a tree surgeon , our housing association send three guys round to cut the top out of a tree as it was growing into the telephone wires , one was the foreman one was just there , one was doing the job , I asked if he would cut it right down he said no as association said only the top , i said cant you just slip with the saw and cut it at the bottom no he said cant do that so he went up the ladder with the chain saw then came down he done this 4 times so I said to the foreman is he ever going to cut it he said he is frightened of heights after the fifth time of going up the ladder and coming down again he was shaking he said f*** it I will cut the lot down near the ground ,

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What's the magnification on those pics Jeff?

10.000 x Magnification I use for cells bacteria .. But for these pics had to use 5.000 magnification.

When I used 10.000 x Magnification could not see out really .. So used that under different light to give hole view

You'd think 10,000 mag would be clearer than 5,000 wouldn't you? Interesting!

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It is but you just see threw fibres .. If was cotton silk would not be translucent if was nylon am sure acid that causes inflammation that rots your lungs away would started roting it away.

Daz? Dennis?


Its not that obvious WHAT can a say really :)


Ha ha! Welcome..missed ya!

(It's the soap powder!)

Tee x

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Nice to see ya :)

Not had good time myself HAD change me name coz did not want to

In that note book of doom someone was haulking round lol

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Welcome back. xx


Cheers thanks :)

Always good to keep one jump ahead of him πŸ˜„

Tee x

Think i make better suffer than spy lol



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Hello 1008

" The microscope "...dead give away


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Came before the microscope, velvet!! 'Daz' and 'Ajax' πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Tee xx

Hi Tee

DOH.....never thought of that...πŸ˜‚

How ya doing Sherlock πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Velvet xx

Doing OK, Holmes! Can't get my 'avatar' back (I use an iPad) which is annoying...might change my name to 'shadow'!!

Tee xx

Hi Holmes aka Shadow

Sounds painful losing your avatar...can you get pills for it ? πŸ˜‚

Probably!! Got them for everything else πŸ˜„



Welcome back....you were missed.


wot r them pics of jeff

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r u saying this is asbestos that you coughed up

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Yer am saying that is asbestos i coughed up from my previous occupations

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but doseant asbestos fibers stik to the lung when inhaled

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Yer it dose but depends what fibers .. Over past year have coughed all types.

They look like serpentine asbestos


so I could of got rid of it outa my lungs by coufing it up that has been their for 40 years

I had broken nose when younger i never got reset.

So i breath threw my mouth whitch is a major contributing factor.

As to coughting bits up yer am sure you would of its just i look at bits i cought up under microscope.

If i had my life again i would stay clear or rank jobs

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