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René Laennec

Google is celebrating the anniversary of René Laennec's birth today. He invented the stethoscope, developed the understanding of peritonitis and cirrhosis, coined the term melanoma and described metastases of melanoma to the lungs. He also studied tubercolosis, which eventually killed him. We owe a lot to him and others like him. Happy Birthday, René!

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Oh thanks for that explanation of this guys work.

I saw the Google logo this morning and thought that they had done it just for me! Hahhaaaa, as I have a pneumonia at the moment. Tee hee!

Happy Birthday Rene Laennec...good man!


Oh dear about the pneumonia Polly. Take care of yourself dear thing won't you xxxx P

Very interesting Toci, what a clever chap, we've a lot to thank him for. X

Thanks for posting that 😘

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Aahhhh thanks I know, if I had taken the AB's 3 weeks ago I might be clear now! Pfft! Hey ho.

Catch up with you dear...haven't forgotten the singing at the local! 🎶

When the weather is better will be in touch.

Much love,

Polly x

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Get well soon, Polly. And how do we know it was not put up for you personally? x


Haahhaaaaa Toci! Very happy to share it with all of us BLF Healthunlockers. 💐


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