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Oooo...It Was Like Christmas Morning So It Was !

We have two wooden is pine and the other, I haven't a clue, but it's dark wood and completely lined with soft tin...probably once held tea. Himself has decided to change the bedroom around and that meant moving one of the chests into the sitting-room, where there isn't any room for it except in a corner by the range...

He dragged it through the doorway while I stood like a lemon holding the settee upright so as he could squeeze past...then once he was safely through, he lifted the lid...

It was serious...honestly, it was. All the religious icons I used to collect, carefully wrapped up in newspaper... about two dozen pictures which we've never hung...really nice ones actually. A series of tiny watercolours...some prints of flowering herbs...a suitcase on Indian Torah to hang over a doorway...a hideous ornament someone gave us years and years ago...table lamps missing essential parts to make them work...a handbag with five € in it and two out-of-date inhalers and dozens of coat hangers.

So we sorted it out and made a pile for the charity shop...put the icons and the pictures we really wanted to keep back in the chest...

Agreed on buying another drill so Himself can hang them up...his drill gave up in despair after having to make a hole once too often in a lump of rock.

It'll be interesting to see what delights the pine chest will reveal tomorrow!

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it's nice finding things you forgot you had, and euro's to boot

We have an old oak chest that my father in law inherited...must be hundreds of years old with iron hinges and lock.

What's inside? Old telephone and books galore, including Aubrey Beardsley and one full of illustrations by the artist who painted Monarch of the Glen. Very disturbing to look at so they stay in the chest.

Good luck with your other pine one...let us know what you find

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I love finding things l had forgotten about and l hope you find some treasures in the other chest.

Here's to tomorrow! Xxx

What a very interesting home you have vashti...I wish I could find such amazing stuff in old chests. Did you do the watercolours? At least you can put something different on your walls for a change now. I'm looking forward now to seeing what you unearth in the pine chest. The only thing remotely similar at my place is one of those drawers that we all have for bits and pieces and broken bits for what we thought was indispensable. It is like that game we played at parties as children - you know 20 items on a tray and you have a short time to look and then write down as many as you can remember - how would you describe a bit of red plastic with a thingybob stuck on the end of it?

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sorry vashti may be a silly question but why didn't he take the stuff out before he try to move it im guessing it was fairly heavy with all the bits in it


Yes Malcolm, that is a very sensible idea! Maybe tomorrow if himself wants to move the pine chest! 🌻

...good answer M, or he could have used a two wheel trolley like the ones we have in our garages.

Hello Vashti, that's so exciting! I can't wait to hear what's in the other chest!

What are you going to buy with your 5 euro note?

Remember to let us know about the contents of the pine chest 🌷

You will have to post a photo of your chests Vashti :),

Kay xxx

I can't wait for tomorrow! 🍀

That's an awful lot of stuff in a chest, Vashti!! Does it come with a bathroom? I have a daughter looking for a new home!!

Tee x


Its quite funny how we are all excited at your treasure find, its as though it were us there with you too. Its like unwrapping an unexpected present.

Im a box storer myself, and once in a while end up dragging one out to search out what i put in it, because i know ' ive got one of those somewhere'.

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