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So frustrated 😤

Hi all so Im 30 and have IPF and I want to take my 6 year old daughter on a holiday of a lifetime to florida as it may be my last. But no matter where I turn I carnt get travel insurance I have been on the phone all day and only one will insure me at the truely shocking price of 2500.

Has anybody got IPF and managed to get insured?

Please help we want to go in may

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Hope you get replies soon and very good luck to you. There must surely be a way round this absurd situation. Xxx

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Lots of people go abroad on here so im sure someone will be able to give you some details


Hi ejbid, i think there is a company called Fish who do long term conditions - possibly someone posted about it here. Try googling Fish insurance and long term conditions - i think there's a number on the site to call and discuss.


hope you get on ok with your move tomorrow try not to over do things I know it not easy when your moving and trying to get every thing sorted out ,


Hi this subject has been discussed many time on here. If you type in travel insurance in the 'search healthunlocked' box top right of your screen these will come up. x


Hi, have you tried They've been very helpful with us.

Best wishes



Hello, I'm 39 and have pulmonary fibrosis and I'm currently on a 7 month round the world trip for my honeymoon.

I also had some crazy quotes for insurance (5K was the worse) and struggled to find companies who would insure me. The main problem was the length of time, the fact we were including USA in our trip and that I'd had quite a lot of chest infections and been in hospital twice within the last 6 months.

I finally found Avanti who charged around £800 and a total of £1,200 when I added on my husband (who has no health conditions).

Note that I said I had 'extrinsic allergic alveolitus' rather than IPF (as that's what caused my fibrosis) I'm not sure if it makes a difference though.

I'd advise you to use an online aggregator to find any companies that will insure you then complete their questions. If they come out too pricey or won't offer any cover try adapting your answers slightly (don't lie though or they won't pay out if you get ill - just put positive spin on answers where possible!). Most companies will ask the same standard questions.

It's really worth putting in the time to do lots of research as the quotes you get are likely to vary massively.

If you have no luck then maybe consider other destinations (if you include USA or Caribbean insurance costs so much more).

Good luck and don't give up, it'll be worth it in the end! I hope you have an amazing trip. Xx


Dons 2 are you on oxygen when you got the quote for £800



Hi, I currently only use oxygen on flights or when I've got a particularly bad chest infection.

I also have to use a biPAP machine every night.


Have to admit I don't bother with insurance any more. I had some silly quotes as well as downright refusals when I applied a couple of years ago - I have COPD+Alpha1and am on oxygen. That said, I would never travel if I had the slightest suspicion of a cold/chest infection coming on. And of course as well as my regular medication I take my 'emergency pack' with me just in case (anti-bio's and corticosteroids). That said, I do travel alone, so I am not responsible for anyone else while I am away.


Yes I have IPF and on oxygen,my hubby has diabetes 2 we are both insured with 12 months cover for worldwide travel £587 with no excesses .I do wish the BLF would list the companies we are successful with because their list is useless,I have tried,but say they won't endorse companies,it's a shame because I must answer this question nearly every week.Sooki.


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