I have an inogen one G2 system (24 cell battery) concentrator for sale. Its just under I year old. goes up to 6 litres a minute pulse flow. if you use it on 2 litres a minuit, you will get 7 hours use out of it. If you use it on 5 litres a minute you will get 4 hours use out of it.

It comes with a battery, carry case, shoulder strap, hand strap, trolly, car charger and mains charger (which you can use and charge at the same time) I also have a adapted black rucksack I used with it.

My conditioned has worsened and I am now on 10 litres a minute at rest, so the portable concentrator is no longer any use for me. It did for a while make me so much more independent and active. They are really good machines.

I paid £2995.00 on 24.02.15, I would accept £1400.00 or nearest offer.

Its in the original box with all the instructions and leaflets. I will also enclose a the original invoice, because of EEC laws purchases are covered for two years now.

I live in west London, it can be picked up, posted or couried which ever is preferred.

Length: 10.7" Width: 3.9" Height: 9.5" Weight: 8.65 Lbs

If you are interested or in haggling please leave me a message. many thanks montymillie.

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  • Hi, you are more likely to get a response to this (and for it to stay around longer) if you place it in the 'Respiratory Equipment for Sale' section in pinned posts.

  • Don't know how to leave private message,but I am interested. It would certainly suit my needs-,if not quite my wallet. I would need to check with my nrses about the pulse flow thing,but please consider me as a potential buyer,and if u have the time for me to get feedback from the nurses,give me 1st refusal. I can deffo offer 1k ,but as u say your open to offers,we can discuss this. Looking. Forward to your response. Best wishes Talli

  • hi talli thanks for getting in touch. find out your info from your nurses, if your still interested send me a private message. I am afraid I cannot go that low as its such a new machine. I am still willing to negotiate about the price. take care, montymillie.

  • To message, just click on montymillie's name or image and it will take you to her 'home' page, then click on Message (top right).

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