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I recently had a bad exertion of copd and ended up on a life support machine for 3 weeks and I don't know how to deal with it as doctors didn't think I would make it but I did but I'm having more problems now as scared to go to sleep at night also I have the shakes all the time my nerves are shot to pieces I have nurses coming out but don't find them much help I'm so scared that it might happen again but according to doctors my lungs just collapsed now I'm working to make them stronger but it doesn't stop me being scared I don't think my partner understands and have no one to talk to as when under sedation the dreams were so real and I was traped couldn't get out I'm terrified it will happen again x

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  • I am so sorry that have had a very bad attack and you are scared to sleep I think there are a few of us are like that as it was only yesterday that I was talking to my oldest son and I did confest to him that I was scared to go up to the green houes to look after the flowers I have in there as the last time I went up there on my own was in the summer of last year and I had an attack but I was lucky at the time my wife and my youngest boy was out the back but down by the back door and when they seen me he ran up to me and took me back in and they got me thought it so now I will not go no more than about 10 feet from the houes by my self as to frighten to but I did tell my boy not to tell his mother as like your husband will not under stand as it has not happen to them have you tryed putting more pillows on your bed or even a board that you can tilte so your head is up which can help with the breathing take care of your self hope you come through it as you are talking about it so you are shearing it so good luck David

  • Thank you David as it is a very frightening thING to have its nice to know others are going through the same thing and that I'm not alone as that s how I feel at the moment x

  • What a frightening experience for you, Vicky. I know that some other members have also been through life support situations and I am sure they will be able to understand how you are feeling. As David says, you are not alone.

    Take care

    Tee x

  • Hi Vicky, I'm sorry you're feeling so down and scared, and I do understand why. I also ended up on life support following respiratory failure and I remember having vivid dreams while under sedation, so I know how real they seemed. But we did wake up, in spite of the doctors' gloomy predictions; so let the dreams start fading away and concentrate on getting fitter again.

    I know this is easier to say than do, but you are doing the right thing by trying to make your lungs stronger and as you start to feel more in control of your breathing you will feel more able to exercise and this in turn will help you sleep. Try not to be so fearful of going to sleep. Do whatever you have found in the past relaxes you before going to bed - bath, read, hot toddy, hot chocolate - try to unwind gently and try not to worry. You are making your lungs stronger so you are not going to collapse again.

    For professional advice you could telephone the BLF helpline (03000 030 555). Their experienced nurses will be able to advise and reassure you.

    And if you need someone to talk to who understands what you've been through, you're in the right place here. Let us know how you're getting on.

    Best wishes, Jan :-)

  • Jabber what good advice you gave to Vicky.

  • Vicky several years ago I was in a very similar position as you and it is scary. I'm still trying to manage my life and starting Pul Rehab classes,fingers crossed. Lots of folk on here say these classes are brilliant so see if your doctor can put you forward for some.

  • I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I went through something a while ago when I was afraid to go to sleep and worried about every breath. I hope that things improve for you.

  • So sorry to hear how you are feeling but try not to get to anxious,

    I know easier said than done, I try not to get to anxious as its plays

    Havoc with my breathing.

    Sending my best wishes.

    Pat x

  • Vickyc1. I had similar not quite as bad. I realised the feelings,same as yours were like post traumatic stress. I already had brill psychiatrist,because I had Bi-Polar,which is in remission. I'd not needed anti depressants or mood stabilers,but I rang him n explained. He put me on low dose of Sertraline at first and all good then upped me to 100mg and very qickly I recovered. Never take Mertazapine,anti-morbidity,which my lung doc put me on months before,cos I was feeling bit down. Side effects yuk! I cope gr8 just with Sertraline. They just take edge of that lingering fear. Partners and non sufferers can never really understand. My COPD nurses got a councillor for my fella,so he cud confide and she could reassure etc. I wish you all the best. I think you have been blessed to come thru it,so keep up the good fight,and shout out for the help u need,softly! Try my pills. Good luck n God Bless x

  • I can't help with this one but I can see you have already had some great advice. I sincerely hope things get better for you soon. All best wishes xx

  • Understand what you are going through - I spent 2 weeks in Intensive Care on a ventilator recently and it was a nightmare that I never want to go through again and I too was very shaky and scared after and terrified it could happen again - my only saving grace has been to chat on the phone with one of the respiritory nurses from this site viz. the British Lung Foundation to try and get as much knowledge as I could about why it happened (my causes were different than yours) and to then try to do all I could to make sure it did not happen again - I suggest you do the same they helped me a lot to allay some of my fears so hope they could do the same for you - good luck and hope they can help - take care xxx

  • Dear Vicky.

    You have already had such good advice from so many people that I can't improve on it. This is a very secular age but as a committed Christian I put my faith in God. I am not one to preach but I have found from personal experience that this definitely does help. Try not to worry so much. When you feel scared just tell yourself that you have actually survived this great ordeal and are here to tell the tale.

    God bless


  • I am 69 years old and have severe COPD and mild Emphysema and was rushed into Hospital before Xmas with pneumonia and suffered respiratory failure. I was put into an induced coma and intensive care for 18 days. Like you I experienced real time dreams that I could not escape. Since then I too have suffered anxiety attacks and fear of going to sleep. The NHS have provided a therapist which has helped a little but as I gain more confidence with a lots of help from my wife I can now have a shower or bath without a panic attack and very slowly I am feeling better.

    Give it time and practice the breathing techniques available for COPD. Stay with it and give it time. Best of luck.

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