Hi everyone, I have been on this forum for months,and feel as though I know alot of you already. I live in the States. I was told I had very severe pulmonary emphysema in Oct. by my pft test taken. My first pulmonary visit is Thurs. Strangely enough I'm not scared. I'm only breathless upon exertion, and so far only on Anoro and spiriva and an emergency inhaler. I want to know if anyone else is like this and how long before they had to use oxygen? Good health to all!

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Welcome, MD to this forum. I am interested because does MD stand for Maryland. My sister lives in Md. For me, I am having a break from chest infections thanks to azithromycin. But I am getting increasingly breathless which is bothering me. X

You're doing really well, pergola, not to be getting chest infections at the moment. Everyone seems to have something. My husband's kindly given me his during my second week of antib's for one of my own, but I do have immunity problems.

Might you be getting increasingly breathless because of the very damp weather and now the cold weather? It does make a difference. Exercise and deep breathing help, and singing. Suppose it's too much to ask for the NHS to pop us all on a desert island in warm sunshine till May?? x

I wish, watford girl, but not good with exercising. Are you taking your husband meds.? Not a good idea, since it wont go on record in your GP notes.

Singing - my cat and neighbours might complain to the noise abatement society!!!!

Seems the desert island option is the only one .

Don't forget the band...:)

No i dont live there, but it is beautiful


There is no guarantee that you will ever need oxygen, if you do remember it is only extra medication.

I am stage four very severe, age 68 using oxygen 4 LPM for exercise and walking, not 24/7.

There are two test ABG Arterial blood gases for long term oxygen use.

Six minute walk test for Ambulitory oxygen.

Oxygen is only required when your O2 level drop below 88% for a significant period, which will be discussed with your Respitory Team.

It is given to support major organs.

Exercising and a sensible diet will reduce the need for oxygen, all your muscles need oxygen the better they are toned the less oxygen required.

Thank you Stone. I guess I know there will be a time soon I may need oxygen. The only time I seem fine is when I'm sitting or hunched over. Neither one is good for me. I am anxiously awaiting my visit to Dr.

Some need it early on, some never do. If you do need oxygen then you will soon get used to it. Don't worry too much. I have needed oxygen for about 7 years now and would feel strange without it. :)

Thank you Toci. I'm 47 with a great career and a 10 yr old active daughter. I should learn to appreciate all God has given me other than what cards i might get dealt. Many people on here have been an inspiration to meπŸ˜€πŸ‘

Hi there are some very helpful people here that will give good advice as you have seen. Take good care.. Moongirl

I also had a great career, which I continued with as an oxygen user. It was another issue that caused my retirement - not using oxygen. ;)

I dont know that I can do that Toci.

For practical reasons? Send me a message if you want to talk about it.

You do get used to it, don't you? When I'm dreaming at night, I'll wonder why in my dream I'm not wearing my cannula and then decide not to worry about it and just enjoy the dream. Funny how the mind works, I panic in the daytime if my oxygen is disconnected.

Hi CanadaPaul, I believe the mind can do wonders for our health. I find it very interesting that at night your relaxed enough not to panic, in regards to your oxygen. I have my first pulmonary visit today, I should know more about my health and what to expect after the appt. Have a wonderful day !!!

I hope your appointment goes well for you! I had a lung function test today and it went better than I expected. Still deteriorating, but only slowly.

Welcome to the site MD

I am from new Jersey. Good to see a neighbor on the site. Sorry to hear of your emphysema. I hate to see younger people with children, having to deal with

lung problems. Please let us know how you make out on Thursday. Make sure you ask for a copy of your test results. Being in the states, that shouldn't be a problem. Good luck to you.😊

Rubyxx 😊

Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning Rubyxx. Stay warm in Jersey! 😎

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