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Hi in the last six months I have had antibiotics and steroids at least 3 times and now I have pneumonia so back on strong antibiotic, I thought I was doing everything right but I feel I need to build up my immune system, I take a multi vitamin and try to have a healthy diet I go line dancing twice a week and walk. Does anyone have any suggestions please I'm going to try Merv's Juice recipe but are there any other vits I can take ?

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  • Hi

    Bit of light reading.

  • Thankyou a few things on there I can try

  • Almond milk with vit B2 B12 D & E seem's to work well with antibiotics.

    Wel providing you dont have nut allergy

  • Hello Jeanielee1, and I am sorry you are so poorly. Hoping you are soon back on your feet. You seem to be doing all the right things regarding exercise and food. Eating plenty of green leafy vegetables is an obvious benefit, and you may hate me for saying this but most days I have a little Marmite - I was reared on it. I make my own peanut butter which is very good for you and so simple to make.

    I wish you well very soon .


  • Hi Jennifer not sure about the Marmite but I enjoy peanut butter,thankyou for your reply

  • Hi jeanieiee...your post reminded me of something I'd been meaning to post for sometime.

    I've been living in Thailand for nearly 9 years. ..and for some reason I seem to be getting more colds then I could ever remember getting in England. ..and they would hit me hard.

    November of last year I bought a house close to our big fish market and for the next 6 months I was ill with a cold.

    It was about then that I told the doctors at my ( private ) hospital that I wanted to be tested for every allergies that there was ...this was done via blood tests...and the results come back that I was allergic to four things....

    3 of them was sea foods and the other was hamsters.

    And rejoiced my immune system by 50%.

    ofcouse I never touched that food again and i have not been ill since....and that is despite all my family having had bad colds....

    Sorry so long response. ..


  • Hi youngest daughter is allergic to hamsters too! And gerbils and mice, so be careful.

    Brazil nuts as well

  • Andy I have wondered if I have any allergies, could be worth getting checked out ,Thankyou

  • Yes..yes it is worth was well worth it for me....

    50% of my immune system was not working just becouse of my favourite food that I was eating..more then ever before..

    After I got over the shock all I could do was laugh.

    I only tell you all this as I can't be the only one on this forum that this can happen to.

    But as ever the advice would be speak to your doctor and see what he/she says.

    Andy .

  • I do hope you will soon be feeling better-it's miserable feeling so poorly eh?

    Here is an anti bacterial smoothie recipe, I wonder if you have tried it?

    Recipe 1 cup fresh pineapple, 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice, 3 fresh ginger, 1 tablespoon unprocessed honey, 1/2 tspoon cayenne pepper...Blitz in blender :-)

    And gentle exercise, in the home, can help as well. Do you 'actively' relax if that is not a contradiction? That can really make a difference to the immune systems.


    Get well soon.


  • Thanks Polly I intend to give the juice a go I'm also going to include raw Beetroot .

  • I bought some fresh beetroot yesterday. I will juice it and start with an ounce the first week, after I get the go ahead from my doctor. I understand that raw beet juice removes heavy metals from your body and if you drink too much right away, you can overload your liver with these heavy metals. Beetroot juice lowers the blood pressure, adds oxygen to the bloodstream, helps your lungs...the list is quite impressive!!

    I will wait for my doctor's approval though!


  • Hi Bonita I would be interested to hear what your Doc has to say. Good Luck

  • Well, my doctor gave me the go ahead...I don't think he took too much stock into the idea, his grin stated much! I spoke to my PR coach, she doesn't know much about beetroot either and I don't see my Pulmonologist for 2 more weeks!

    Since I have the fresh beetroots in my fridge I am going to juice one and drink 1 ounce, next week I will drink 2 ounces. Then I see my Pulmonologist and will get the lowdown!! That man tells it like it is!!

    I have researched this in depth so I will err on the side of caution and start light! Also, I hate beets!! But I hate this disease more...


  • Hi, have you tried Vicks First Defence spray, or a similar medication from your pharmacist ....ask the chemist if it would be suitable for you first though.

  • Hi yes I've tried this in the past but wanted to try more natural alternative thankyou for your post

  • Rinse your sinuses out and gargle with a salt solution instead of the Vicks - though I use both.

  • Yes I've been using Neil med for a couple of years it does help,Thankyou

  • How about echinacea. I've been taking them for years. I have broncesatisis and still get infections but never really get a bad cold even though I work with 3 and 4 year olds who constantly sneeze and cough all over me !! They can't hurt. I shop at simply supplements get free p&p and 10% off with auto delivery. Hope you are feeling better soon. This weather is not helping :))

  • Thankyou Jules I've had lots of suggestions,I'll be bouncing with health soon,I knew I could rely on this site for help.

  • I use allicin Max. I take one daily and increase it when I think I may have a chest infection starting. I have severe emphysema but haven't needed antibiotics for ages

  • Wow that's great so pleased to hear you haven't needed antibiotics I hate taking them.

  • I buy Propolis Capsules from Flynn Bee farms in Kent. I have been buying this from them for twenty years (Holland Barrats ones seem to have a lot more of items in the ingredients. Propolis is the natural anti-biotic that bees use (Sorry cannot be to exact as my brain like porridge) I wish I had kept on taking them regularly - when I stopped using caught the viral inf that gave me Bronchiectasis. Nephew (Canadian GP) told me to keep on taking as he went to Cardiff years ago to a conference re all things Bee! I bought it for osteoarthritis, but it is also supposed to be MILDLY anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti inflammatory and I think also anti-viral. The only thing I would say is start with one capsule and build up to 3 a day in case they do not suit you. Hope you are better soon. Kaye

  • Thanks Kaye I'm going to research this a little but they sound as though they could do the job.

  • I have had so many infections. Always Pseudomonas or Haemophilus. The doctots are trying to find out why my immune system is so bad. Will post if I told anything useful. x

  • Okay thanks and good luck

  • I am the same I am waiting to see an immunologist due to me having a low immune system. Because none of the medication I take is helping me. I asked the consultant if I should take anything to build up my immune system he said no 

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