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Loving ourselves

Loving ourselves can be the hardest thing we do but the most worthwhile. I now it sounds odd, but loving the parts of ourselves where we feel the most uncomfortable can be very rewarding. What most of us want is to be loved and we have to start with ourselves. Even with difficult anxiety it is possible! We can imagine that we might treat someone else with suffering with compassion so we can try the same compassion with ourselves. Fear is the real culprit. Our mind gets so caught up in it, that we think the fear is everything. But it is a disguise! Love is more powerful than fear.

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So so true love your self and be happy and do not let others drag you down so song :) pack up your trouble and your old kit bag and smile smile


Thanks for those thoughts...I am going to write them down as a reminder.

When I first joined years ago I wrote a post LOVE YOUR LUNGS....hard to do but better than cursing them !

Send them healing energy....that shows I am an old hippy doesn't it.

Take care.

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U are welcome. You may be an old hippy but LOVE IS ALL THERE IS!!!


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