Aerosure device

Aerosure device

My original post was, 'My wife suffers badly from mucus. I have been looking for something to help her and saw an advert for Aerosure, is this really effective?'

I received some great replies but went ahead and procured an Aerosure device anayway. So far my wife hasn't used it although she says she will, so nothing to report at this stage.

Question: We live in Glasgow near Gartnavel Hosptal, through the 'My Communities' list, I note that quite a few people reside in the same vicinity, has there ever been, or are there any plans, to have a get together to discuss common interests?

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  • Good morning, what a very lovely photograph of you and your wife.


  • Many thanks Jennifer, nice comments always accepted graciously.


  • Hi Chasmac, I'd love to know if the aerosure helps at all. Don't know anything about it but if it helps for breathing purposes I'm all for it.

    Can't help with the meet up idea as I am all the way down in Cornwall.


  • Hi P

    As soon as I get a result, positive or negative, I will post it to all and sundry.


  • Hi Chasmac and welcome. What a smashing picture of you and wife, lovely.

    I've seen that ad myself and wondered if it was any good or not.I noticed it was endorsed by BLF. I saw one in a newspaper and wasn't sure if it was this model but, it was about £130. Way too much for me to lay out, especially If I find out it isn't worth it so, I will be watching out for your review. xx

  • Still waiting for my wife to try it, she says she will but so far nada.

  • There are 'breathe easy' groups all over the UK - contact BLF & ask if there are any near you. Take care.

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