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Is a thorax ct scan different from chest ct scan


I seen my liver gi doc re stomach issues ' squashing lungs ' feeling.

And GI & Liver doc said my emphysema had advanced BUT no sign of Stomach Cancer.

He then later wrote to my lung doctor advising him they had seen something " A Noudle ' when they did Pelvis Thorax abdomen contrast ct scan.

On seeing my lung doctor he said they had recived letter of my gi doc and he had seen my scan and thats why we need to do other ct scan re what was seen.

My lung doc is was aware of my old lung nodule when i was first DX with Lung Disease.

From my understanding a chest Ct scan would only look at lung's. Where as a thorax ct would look at all other stuf in chest.

Its all been bit disconcerting esp when my lung doc said my emphysema had not advanced but we have done all we can ... like when and what am still waiting.

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It appears a thorax scan is the same as a chest scan but includes the upper abdomen. But the reason for each type of scan is basically the same and in your case I think they are. The radiologist will be supplied with info from your doctors regarding what items to take special note of to look for.

I do know that ever since the development of high resolution CT scans (<1mm) doctors have been able to see things they never did before and medical science isn't quite sure what to make of it and that includes small lung nodules. If forget the size limit, but the consensus is small lung nodules are normal, exist in almost everyone, often transient and harmless.

I have had them and so has my sister. She is 60 yo, perfectly healthy with no lung problems. Except for the COPD which is something different, I too have had healthy lungs.

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Hi Michaelm700

Cheers thanks yer I have had few scan but is first to mention thorax .. I know when I have been to see lung doc the had pictures of my jaw line the was looking at ... Might be all part of bigger picture suppose al find out march when I go for other.

Cheers thanks again

Hi there JeffAjaxSmith, it is a lottery if anyone can understand what scans are for what etc but it sounds like u r having lots looked at so you will be given the results soon. Did u say u suffer from COPD? I do and one Doc will say I'm in my final stages( gives me so much to live for) yet another will say something different. Too much information can make ones mind work overtime. That is when I start to go downhill. You seem very up beat,so good for you and I hope the results are in your favour.

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Hi Cheers yer i have copd and the say i have obstructive and restrictive lung disease.

Lucky eh .. but have seen regular lung doc so guess i am really.

Defo disheartens you really but just have to make best of it.

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