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Megan - in answer to your post

Morning Megan. Thanks for your e-mail. You live in a lovely part looking on to the South Downs. We used to live in London and came to the SW a few years ago. Sadly it is now only I as my husband died 8 years ago.

Yesterday I had an exacerbation and felt really bad. My lovely neighbour, who is a retired nurse, came in to see me. She always keeps a look out for me. She is wonderful. I am due to see the doctor as soon as I can make an appointment.

Hope you are able to get abroad soon so that your health will improve.

I am feeling much better today so hope it lasts. Sorry if this seems all doom and gloom.

Love xxx

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Sherry 44 you rant and rave if you like as this weather do not do any of us any good the damp and the cold so you carry on just take that little bite more care of your self and I got to be honest I am a little bite jellas of you as you have a nures next do to you and she pops in to check on you take care


Hallo Megan. Silly me. I inadvertently deleted your reply of yesterday and are unable to find it among the deleted files. Sorry. Would you be kind enough to include the contents in the next e-mail as I love hearing from you.

Hope all is well but will be able to answer more fully when I hear from you.



Hi Sherry so sorry I did not get online yesterday, I' m sad to hear you had an exacerbation yesterday but thank goodness you have a lovely neighbour to keep an eye on how you are doing. I hope your G.P will see you tomorrow to get you back feeling a bit more like yourself. Do you sometimes think with lung problems it is one step forward two back? I don't mind admitting I have had a little cry sometimes this week from frustration and grieving for my lost good health (4 years ago I was fit and healthy) but I have felt my mood lift now with some Spring sunshine and seeing the snowdrops and daffodils reminds me in a couple of months and we will have warmer weather. It is hard for you not having your husband there for you, I hope you may have good family that are there to listen and support in addition to everyone here. I may not be able to pop round to you for a cup of tea but I am only the tap of a key away if you need a chat! x


Hallo Megan

Thanks for your e-mail. I noticed your e-mail to all of us that you have recently lost your lovely dog. I did reply back sending you my deepest sympathy. It is always sad to lose a great friend and family member because that is what our pets are.

As regards COPD - yes , one day you feel fine and the next like nothing on earth!

As for my family - I married late in life so there were no children. However this is not

meant to be self-pitying but just stating facts. I know I have a great many blessings to be thankful for and am generally quite a positive person.

Yes, the fact the spring is on the way is a great comfort and already the spring flowers area out and cheering us up.

Perhaps in future you can use my real name (it's not boozy Sherry. I thought of that on the spur of the moment!). It is ANN.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Love xxx



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