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How can I find the stage my copd is?


Hi guys

Reading some of ur posts regarding the above some of u mentioned the stages ur at? Although I attend the hospital no one has ever said that I was at a particular stage

Had every breathing test done got hospital tomorrow should I dare ask?

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Hi Maggie.

There are others here who are more knowledgable than me but I would ask. As I understand it your fev1 indicates what stage your at and they can tell by your breathing tests. Hope you find out and it puts your mind at rest. I would just concentrate on how you feel. Hope all goes well Moi x

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Thanks hun x


Yes just ask. If you want to know it is your right. If you are not sure of anything ask them to explain it. x

I have never heard "stages" mentioned at the hospital. You are as well as you feel. Giving names doesn't help.

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Kathy, I just don't think you can generalise as people cope in different ways. Some prefer to leave it all to the medics, including staging, why a particular medication is being prescribed etc.

Others, for whatever reason, need to understand as many details as possible. So naming is for many, including myself, crucial.

Hi Maggie,

When I've attended hospital for spirometry etc I get a copy letter of the one sent to my GP with my results on . NICE guidelines for COPD shows the different stages . If you ask tomorrow I hope you get a good result and like Moi said it really is how you feel each day that counts . I make the most of the good days and take it easy on the others . Let us know how it goes at hospital tomorrow x

Hi Maggie

I would definitely ask for results. It's your body, and your right to know what's going on with it. Plus it gives you something to work for. A goal, so to speak, of maybe bringing it up a couple points. Ask for a copy and also ask questions about anything you don't understand. Some people don't want to know. I don't agree with that. But, each to their own. Good luck Maggie.

Rubyxx 😊

Yes, yes do ask or you have already done so by the time you read this post😄

Once you have that information, then that will be the time to consider what you can do for yourself to maximise the remaining good part of your lung tissue and keep as well as you can.

The level of function, daily activity is an holistic thing, and attitude is everything, pacing, regular medication, exercise, singing, dancing, laughing😅

Let us know how you get on please.


I would ask if I were you. It's your health and you have every right to know. Go for it!

Your spirometry test will have the results and the numbers will reveal which stage you are at.

I wasn't told automatically, so I asked, and said I needed to know because I was planning to fly abroad and would need to tell my holiday insurance company.

google it im on stage 4..

Hi Maggie. Yes do ask at the hospital about your COPD stage. Generally speaking the spirometer reading will tell you. Over 80% is mild, 50 to 80% is moderate and below that is severe. I am sticking my neck out here, but those are the general guidelines I have been given.

Good luck and best wishes

Hello Maggie,in my experience different hospitals have different approaches.Some will tell you the numbers and explain what they mean,others can be a bit cagey,I,m not sure why.I have been lucky,I always ask and the doctors nurses have happily told me.Different hospitals also have different criteria for example some will tell you your lung age,mine did,nt the thinking being it is pretty useless information meaning very little.I have " very severe emphysema " my Fev1 is 20% so I am At stage 4,end stage or even gold stage.As others have said it all means nothing if you are really struggling to breathe ,so It does boil down to how you yourself are feeling.Sitting in the warm summer sunshine I can feel quite well yet trying to do just about anything in the cold muggy winter is very difficult.We are all different and Copd is a very individual condition.Eat as well as you can,exercise as much as you can,Don,t smoke obviously and take you medications properly and try to stay positive .We can take control of this and not let it control us,best of luck.D.


There's a couple of ways to determine 'stage' and there's a couple of different definitions. In the UK, if you ask for a copy of your spirometry results you/we can tell from it. Mild, Moderate, Severe etc.

If you want help with the numbers on there when you get them, post them up and we'll comment on them... may some different opinions tho'.. LOL.

Good luck.

Iv never been told what stage I'm at iv spent 2months in intensive care in a induced comer with pneumonia and iv had pneumonia twice since and nobody has said what stage I'm at I'm going to ask when I go to hospital next appointment lol iv only just thought about when you said you didn't no

Good luck on your hospital visit

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