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Did you know your health is considered less important than a Bat's health by your local planning office?


Since posting the other day we now have 131 signatures for this.

If you agree that persons who could be adversely affected by construction/demolition and similarprojects on their doorstep then please sign up and share with everyone, whether that be emails/social media etc.

If we each sign and ask 5 people to do the same, also asking each to ask another 5 people, we can make a serious change to what is a flawed system. A system that has huge concerns for wildlife and ecology that have to be taken into account before any permission is granted, but NOT for the health of a human!

For more information please see my earlier post here:


This is the e-Petition:




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Hi Wayne...just read your post and wondering what it was about so i read your other post...

Stone reply i thought said it all...I worked and manage a small building firm that I owned for 20 years. ..in London.

That was 16 years ago ..I thought the laws even then did protect people. ..I can only ever remember one complaint to me and that was from a lady who very upset that dust was going onto her previte hedge. ..and told my Forman that he should have covered it with dust sheets.

I don't live in U.K. now but when I did it was it in a flat..the lady beneath me had put up fine screens on all of her widows to stop dust coming in..I never ask why.

At one time the big house next to us had builers in who at 7.30 in the morning put water and bricks into the cement mixer to clean it....I had done the same meny times ...but not 7.30am....

I was still in bed when Peter ( proffer for brain problems ) from the flat above me knock on my door...to tell me and ask me...would it be alright if he put my name into a letter of complant about the horrendous noise...he had been to see them and got all their details. 7.40am now...well ofcouse Peter love I said (well he is that way πŸ˜‘)

He was going to contact he's lawer 😀

Could I write a short letter supporting him.

A few weeks later we both got a check for 2.000 pounds..πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.

No idea what he's lawer friend got...

Hi again Wayne...sorry for the long story..

I was just poining out there's a lot we can do for ourselves as and when we face an expected problems.

The laws are there...I was a director for a large block of flats for a long time and dealt with health and safety issues meny times.

Hope your wife is making a good recovery.




Hi Andy,

I was quite confused reading through this. Read it a couple of times and think I gather from it that you think there are protections in place?

Sadly there is not any protection and as has been pointed out to me by the LPA more than once, they have no powers to consider someone's health in the process. But they do have duty to consider ecology and wildlife! They also have a duty to act pro actively with applicants and devlopers.

There are circumstances where such scale and proximity of works can be a real threat to an individual with health problems. This is what we personally are experiencing and I am sure we are not the first and will not be the last. Hence my mission to prevent others having to endure the amount of uncertainty we have since 2014.

What I believe should be in place is that on the rare occasion someone has a serious health condition that can potentially be adversely affected, the process should ensure agreements are made with the developer and affected persons BEFORE any determination. As my point of subject suggests... they have to apply for safe removal of protected wildlife. So why is a human's health any less significant????

My wife, by the way has already lost over one third of her new donor lungs due to Aspergillosis in 2015 (one year after her transplant) which I clearly link to a nearby site adjacent to the one they now wish to develop which surrounds our house. The huge amounts of dust created covered us on daily basis.




Hi Wayne...I did read your post and thought my reply might help you in some way...I saw that there was nothing you mention about what you had done to stop the dust coming in to your home ...so i told you about my experiences hopping you could pickup on something. ..screens are very good and cheap you can even do that yourself and air filters

Lawers... ..am very sorry to read that your wife has already lost so much of the new lungs...that must be heart breaking for her..and for you..

Have you now taken steaps so she can breath in clean air in the home??

take care.



At this point Andy the phase that surrounds us is still being determined. There are many other issues with it and they keep tinkering with plans. But if it were to get permission it changes our parking from front to rear which has not been addressed by legal agreement, also meaning we cannot sell as no one has an idea what they would be buying.

Our front door is at the side and there is no escaping entering the site on entering or exiting our home.

As for screening. It should not be our responsibility to take precautions in an instance like this. I also have discussed this at length with my wife's medical team and the environmental health officer. Everyone agrees that the measures available for reducing dust are not really sufficient to guarantee my wife's safety. So we are stuck! 2 years after this first emerged.

As I said before there are many dodgy developers and applicants out there as money turns people to fools. So I hope for the future we can make a change so that no one else's life is put on hold by so many other people.


Hi Wayne...it's 6am where am just waking up from.....

I don't really have more to add other then there's over 15.000 members on this forum. ..am sure meny have read your post but for whatever reason I am the only one who has taken time to reply to you.

Wish you the best.



Hi Andy,

No I have had a number of replies from this and other forums. Plus private messages. So the word is spreading.

Thanks for the interaction.



Am happy for that..

Take care.


Just signed...............

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Thanks Romfty. Please ask as many as you can. Also remember that you can use the same email address for those that do not have one in the family. Children are also able to sign petitions.

Appreciate your support.


Hi Wayne. I have tried several times to sign the petition but after filling in all the appropriate boxes I get to the end and I am told to return to my e mail in order to click it to sign it.


Hi Hallentine,

If you have completed it once it you will have been sent an email to you with a link to click to say it was you that did it. Then it registers.

It's a safety to avoid spamming I guess.