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Does anyone take Fluimucil N. My consultant prescribed this about three years ago after a bout of pneumonia and respiratory failure. On being discharged from the hospital my GP said she could not prescribe this. So I would ring the consultants secretary for a prescription from him. Now I have been discharged from the consultant as I have been very well , so I am hoping he will let me have some

Whilst taking this I have no mucus or cough. I have severe COPD but keep very well. Is it because of the cost why my GP will not prescribe it?

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Hi, I hope someone comes with a reply soon. I'd be very interested to know xx


Hi irenec..am 99.9% sure it's the same I was given from two diffrent hospitals. ..the first one gave me two big packages that was not cheap...I tried taking it for two days but could not handle the smell or the taste....i bin them and went to another hospital. ...they gave me the same....and I gave them back.

I am using nac long now...they may or may not be as effective. ...I don't know but I like the taste...I live in Thailand and it cost 10 pounds a week for them.

Good luck with your doctor.



You can buy in all the chemist I've been in.

Boots will have them.


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