Life with Bronchiectasis

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Here is a link to a story the BLF has just published on it' s blog about Dave, a cycle coach who was diagnosed with bronchiectasis when he was young. Now he cycles 100 miles a week and trains potential future Olympians for Team GB! Do have a look.

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Thanks but i think it would just depress me

Me too. Just what I don't  need.  Someone reminding me just how super fit I used to be when the only thing wrong with me was my undiagnosed Bronchiectasis. Like many others it seems, it was only discovered when I aquire life or death injuries and needed a CT scan. Now it is too late to exercise and improve my breathing.


Very very inspiring, especially for little ones 😃 I saw it on FB yesterday.

Uplifting story Mark. I'm so glad for Dave and other young people that at last bronchiectasis is getting some attention, with the formation of the European Bronchiectasis Registry (EMBARC). Only wish it had come sooner!

Yes I saw this story on Facebook yesterday and found it very encouraging, though I admit I gave up cycling in my early 50s because I wasn't safe any more; old ladies wee passing me! Like the author I've had bronchiectasis since being a small child and we were rather neglected but certainly encouraged to rest by the fire etc. I loved his reminder to wear a base layer as my friends laugh at me for wearing a vest all the time except in an absolute heat wave. Now I am an old lady (72) I know the benefits of exercise and take as much - gentle - exercise as possible. And it works!

I cant seemingly get this link to work?

Link not working.

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