Up date after my SABR treatment

Hi everyone as I promised an update so far. If you saw my earlier post I reported on the radium treatment I am having for lung cancer, I finished my treatment two weeks ago and was told I may get side effects such as tiredness, flu like symptoms , breathlessness etc. Well I carried on as normal and I am feeling great no side effects so far. I carried on as normal keeping active and positive so hopefully I have come through it without these side effects.

Thank you all for the messages I received back from you all it means a lot.

I will give you another up date when I have been back to see the consultant.

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  • All sounding good so far scud. Wishing you well and good luck. Xxx

  • I hope you continue to feel so well, Scud, and very good luck for the rest of your treatment.

    Fingers crossed for you..

    Tee x

  • Well done Scud. So so pleased you are coping and feeling so well.

    Love Suzyxxx

  • Well done Scud. I hope your consultant visit goes every bit as well. xx

  • Great to hear you are feeling so well. Lots of luck and love xxx

  • That's great news Scud. Hope the news from your consultant is good. All best wishes xx

  • Sorry Sue, I'm behind one post! Glad all went well with you.😊 Sounds like you sailed right through it all! How big was your tumor?

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Not sure on the size it was small and caught in the early stages maybe find out when I go back.


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