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Lung function shows low lung diffusion and some hyperinflatiom; scared of COPD

Not sure what these results mean, but I took the test under the influence of a bronchodilator so I don't know if they should be worse results or not? I have a phobia of chronic illness, and am terrified of having the likes of COPD or Asthma, even though I cannot deny that blue inhalers help me immensely (except in cold wind or in the shower, almost nothing helps then!)

A dumb part of me wants to keep believing it's the overbreathing my physio formerly diagnosed in me, but is that simply not possible now? I made the mistake of googling my results, and none point to anxiety as a cause for such results - just serious lung or cardiac disorders. Terrified!!

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Oh my Lord - never google!!! There is little point worrying until you actually have a diagnosis - much easier said than done. My husband has had COPD for many years - the word chronic is a frightening word - but he is still here works full time, still as cranky! and lives a pretty full life. It will be much better when you have the diagnosis and know what you are facing. Until then try to enjoy life. Please talk to your doctors about your anxiety which will impact terribly on your breathing and quality of life. Take good care, TAD xxx


I wouldn't worry too much about Lung function. My LV1 is 15% but I live alone and manage most stuff around the house, even still drive. I do have someone once a week to change sheets and mop floors. Yet, I manage some Yoga exercises, lift weights and make myself walk around the house. It all helps.

Please don't fixate on numbers.

Look after yourself



You're amazing Malinka! You lift weights and do yoga, with an fev1 of 15%? Plus you live by yourself. Are you on oxygen? Rubyxx 😊


Hi Ruby,

Yes, I am on oxygen 24/7 1-1.5 litres. I was initially on min 15 hours daily at 1/2 litre but I put myself on 24.7 1-1.5 litre when I developed pulmonary hypertension. Lung consultant greed. As I am a borderline CO2 retainer, also wear a Bi-Pap at night. Still don't sleep unless I take a sleeping pill. So I take one every night. Well, still coping and trying not to let numbers rule my life.

Take care





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