Very sore lungs after choking

I had an acute choking episode yesterday, and although I coughed really hard for around half an hour, I was unable to dislodge the food that caused it (most likely a grain of rice). Today, my lungs feel like I've had a thorough kicking, and my breathing is really wheezy. Every few minutes, I have a short gasp which seems to be a reflex, as though I'm not getting quite enough oxygen in. Coughing and even yawning are painful. I'm concerned that the rice remains in my airway and is continuing to compromise my breathing. I'm also wondering if it will cause a chest infection if it travels down and lodges in my lung (or may already have done so). Does anyone have experience of this? Should I see my doctor?

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  • Yes, I have had something like that. I reckoned it scratched/irritated my lung. It sorted itself out in the end. I think if it is does not clear play safe and go to GP. However, somebody will answer with more knowledge. Hope symptoms subsides. Kaye

  • Hi

    I think you should go to your Doctor as soon as possible. It may be bruising which is causing the pain but it is better to be safe than sorry.


  • I agree. I would also suggest going to the Dr. as soon as possible, as you aren't even sure if rice did it...

  • I've never experienced this but I would see your doctor just incase good look x

  • I sometimes get that, from crumbs form a cake my husband gets me 3 spoons of lemon juice 3 spoons of honey mixed with some warm water which soothes my throat and helps with the cough, its that good I take it to bed with me, as i get mucus stuck in the night xx

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