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Hi, I have been turned down for PIP care and mobility. Everything that I said I struggle with on a daily basis basically they said I don't. As most of you know the challenges faced by having COPD/Emphysema, I feel like the Assessor didn't have any experience with COPD.

I don't think the assessors report will reach me in time so I won't be able to refer to that.

Basically I just need a little help on how to set out the letter.

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  • Dont do it yourself. Go to Citizen Advice or if you have any free Community programmes in your area that deal with benefits, they can help you appeal the decision. Your right they don't have any idea what its like to not be able to breathe.

    Good luck

    Kim xx

  • I am so sorry fluke. If I were you hun I would contact your local Welfare Rights if you have one, or CAB or DIAL for some expert advice. They deal with this day in day out.. It will take so much pressure from you.

    Good luck

    love cx

    Sorry kimmy - we must have replied at the same time!

  • I spoke to CAB and they said they couldn't really help until the tribunal stage.

  • You might want to try Welfre Rights.


  • Hi

    Read the following and download te fact sheet.


  • Thanks I did this. It is very helpful 

  • Don't give up. Persevere. I did and eventually got it. If CAB can't help try your Social Work/Services and request help from Welfare Rights. They were wonderful in my case. Went to tribunal etc and was awarded DLA and they said I should have been given it in the first place. And backdated!!! Keep trying

    Kathy x

  • This makes my blood boil Fluke. So hope you can get some help with some of these suggestions. So unfair. But take heart from Kathy above.

  • Go to workandbenefits.co.uk wesite, joinup and they will give you expert help

  • My friend gets high rate for copd...what are these fools playing with peoples lives...why give it one and not other with same DISEASE as dont get me wrong this is....no turning back with copd...my heart goes out too you...ive seen my friend in a bad way not nice....APPEAL I SAY ALL THE WAY GOOD LUCK TO YOUXXXX

  • Did you keep a copy of your claim if so if you pm me I might be able to see why they have misunderstood your difficulties

  • Hi

    Sorry that DWP are being difficult ( always )

    Try benefitsandwork.co.uk/

    Lots of advice on their site - being a member costs £20 but its worth it

    Lots of free advice as well

    Good luck

  • Hi there is a team called fightback on facebook and I have heard they are really good at sorting these things out my friend has fibromyalga and was awarded pip using this service they help with everything from form filling to aven attending appeals with people. I have emphysema with fibrosis and when the time comes to stop work will use this vvolunteer service hope you can get it sorted good luck

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