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e-cigarettes and Cancer Research

At last, from the people who know the truth!


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At last some common sense! Great link and thank you for posting it. x


An absolute pleasure! 😊 X


Very good article...

.I am sick of reading attention grabbing headlines, and when you read the full story, its a different matter.

It's like statistics, it depends how you interpret them...eg ...( made up figures ) .....3 out of 10 smokers will die of cancer....or read the other way.....7 out of every 10 smokers will not die of cancer !

Cigarette smoke contains dozens of toxic chemicals, as well as nicotine...

E cigs or Vaping contain far fewer toxic chemicals.

If they work for you and keep you off the fags...keep vaping.

Velvet xx


I've used ecigs for over 2 years, stops me smoking and stops me killing people lol!


Thank you for posting, very informative; one small point though - my GP and team seem to know even less about vaping than the average man in the street! I've been smoke-free for over six years now, thanks to e-cigs, and infections so reduced I seldom have cause to visit them.

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That's brilliant, Dragonmum - I'm really pleased for you.

I have been arguing this point for years ever since I stopped smoking and switched to e-cigs. I know I could not have survived long if I had carried on smoking - I simply couldn't breathe without coughing/choking and, as soon as I switched, the difference was amazeballs!

By the way, I prefer to do my own research - most GPs are exactly that (general practitioners) and therefore have limited fields of knowledge.

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