Do I give in ?

It as now been a year a mile stone in my life what you may ask my last cig just the other day I was in the shop got my money out and was just going to buy some but I put the lotto on instead did not win anything but I saved almost 10 pound I have never had so much money in my pocket at the end of the week (donot tell the wife ) and I do feel a little bit better for it I still have shortness of breath but it's not to bad some days I find I am walking much better but still have to stop every now and again my knees still give me some stick but it's some thing I have to live whith I do hope every one is feeling a little better and to them that have given up smoking carry on it is hard but think of all the money you would have at the end of the week be good ED

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  • You are doing really well Ed so keep it up. Never give in. Think of something good to spend the extra cash on. xxxxx

  • Hi

    It is indeed a mile stone, one to be proud of.

    Can you not ask to be referred to pulmonary rehablitation class,

    A twice weekly exercise course for six weeks, one hour exercise, plus one hour education. Well worth it.

  • i was on 30/40 a day ,i thought i could never stop :but it is coming up to 14 years since i had a smoke , stick at it.

  • Brilliant Ed, so good for others to see it can be done, if they are struggling.

    Keep it up and enjoy your better health. :)

  • Saving all that money, Ed is the biggest incentive. I see the price of fags and am amazed at money going up in smoke. I was a smoker and stopped 1997. Think of all the money saved plus the indignity of smoking outside in the rain!!

  • Congratulations, both for stopping and for resisting temptation . xx

  • Good for you - keep going and put the money saved on one side even for a couple of weeksa, and you will have a shock at the amount that you can use for you and your wife to have a treat and you won't smell of fags and she will love you all the more for it:-)))

  • It's been 7 days for me and I'm already proud of myself . After a few tries I know I couldn't do it alone. My doctor gave me champpix and told me to use a vape if felt the nead. I'm feeling better already. Keep up the good work x

  • Yes I too liked having all that extra cash for little treats, once I realised that I enjoyed seeing the savings stack up more than I actually 'enjoyed' the ciggies - there was no contest!

  • Well done you. Never give in - or we'll tell your missus!

    How many did you smoke? How can anyone afford £10 a day I'd like to know.

    Big pats on the back to you x

  • Up till2years ago I was working and on very good money some times over 600 a week I was a gas fitter plumber and worked 24 7 on call all over the place so times I never got home from one day to the next so you can see I smoked 60 to 80 a day and that no lie so giving up for me was very hard and now I am a house husband my wife still works ED

  • Well done ed,it's very hard I know, but stick to it, I used to love my fags especially with a glass of wine or coffee. You might slip up now and again....I did but you get there! Love moongirl x

  • I donot know if people think I am full of my self but if I could show or help some one to give up then that's good is not it ? I do have some good days and some very bad days but if I think of the cigs I smoked and the coughing the nose bleeds and passing out then I will try to show people how it was for me and what I am trying to do now my copd is some thing I have to live with and my knees but if I had known then what I know now ? I am not trying to say stop smoking it's bad for you it is think of your kids your grand kids your wife you old man well there I go again my moan and rant is over take care every one ED

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