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Has anyone had this symptom before?


I'm a 32 year old fairly active male in better than average shape. My symptom happened right after doing a workout set, my heart rate was still high at this point, as I sat down on the bench and leaned forward, I felt my breathing being constricted, as I got up and walked around the feeling went away. Anyone know what can this be? I'm pretty sure it's NOT my heart as I'm pretty active and don't have chest pains when working out.

Something tells me it might be esophagus or stomach related?


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You're pretty young and in good shape, so that probably rules out a lot of traditional stuff. I've had just about every type of gastro problem possible and I found those symptoms are usually worse in the morning and actually improve with exercise.

I'm no doctor, but google bronchospasm which seems a good bet. But on the outside it could be something such as a neurological heart or heart valve problem which could be congenital and independent of your conditioning.

If it's bothering you or it happens again, I would definitely not hesitate to seek out a good, emphasis on GOOD doctor. There's the joke, "What do you call the person the graduated at the bottom of there medical school class? Doctor" A bad one will waste your time, money or make problems worse But a good one will find the problem if there is one.


i get that especialy if I have ate I have hiatus hernia


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