from may last year to the begining of november i was suffering from a virtual continuous exaberation ,

i was taking prednisolone and doxycycline permanently:so the doc changed the anti biotic to a maintenance dose( 3 tabs a week)of azithromcyin. i saw my respiratory nurse yesterday , no flare ups since november and my FEV1% pred has gone from 42% TO 49%., is this coincidence or is that new antibiotic working?

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Thats brilliant. I can't say it improves your FEV but it does make you feel so much better and slow up the infections, so maybe because your more active it does help improve the function. Anyway lovely positive result.

Kim xxx

I am intrigued by any comments on Azithromycin. I am on it too, not as a preventative ( I don't get infections) but because it seems to have some benefits for those who have Obliterative Bronchiolitis (OB). There has been a trial in Newcastle with patients who have had lung transplants and who have subsequently developed OB, (unfortunately a fairly common complication of transplanted lungs). It is a macrolide. Which makes it not quite a straightforward anti-biotic. When reading about how it works I have to say I get lost in the microbiology!! I won't know if it is doing anything for me until the Autumn as it seems to work to slow down or halt the progress of OB.

And I won't really be able to judge that for some time.

All the best

K xx

i hope it works for you


That is very interesting,thanks Katinka.D.

I have heard a friend of my husbands has been put on the same drug and has had hte same results. When I talked to the consultant he said the research has shown it also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the lungs. Good to hear you such positive news. Lots of love xxx

Its worked very well for me to Whit and kept any exasperations at bay for a few years now. Up until then they were coming thick and fast.

Personally l find that Pete does better on Azith than Doxy. He is on a break from Azith though for s little while but will go back to it soon. Glad it does seem to be working for you Whit. Take care. Xxx

Great news neighbour

Let's hope any improvement continues.

Last year I went through 5 lots of abs! As almost 9 weeks horizontal. It's good to be upright again

Take care (I'm in NA very close to you - better get the kettle on LOL)


N A?

I'm in DL5 postcode

got it

hi, i also have back to back chest infections. i have tried every antibiotic you can name.

i have suffered with Bronchiectorsis 37yrs and Aspergillus 2yrs also i now have Mucous plugs.

I have started to-day taking 1 Azithromycin every other day. Hopefully i start to be a little better. please would you let me know how you get on.

i feel ok , hope it helps you


Hi ran worth can you tell me what symptoms does having mucus plugs, thanks x

I have back to back chest infections with heavy coughing almost choking sometimes. Also the mucous is thick and lumpy.

Thanks ranworth that's is same for me now I've been at it for a couple of years sometimes getting the stuff out 6 hours a day utterly soul destroying thanks for your reply X

I take one every day, started in April 2015 and am to continue without a break until this April. I have Bronchiectasis and emphysema. So far I have only had one infection since taking it.

it must be good stuff

When I have an exacerbation if amoxicillin doesn't work my doctor always gives azithromycin this usually does the trick. Good luck.

I take azithromycin 500 mg. 3 times a week, and I've been infection free for a year....sine the day I received the prescription! Azithromycin has anti inflammatory properties too. I love it and never miss a dose.

Hi Whit,I have very severe emphysema,Fev1 20%.2014 had many exacerbations.Consultant put me on Azithromycin beginning of last year I have had no exacerbations since,I improved so much I am now awaiting date to go in for LVRS( end of March I was told) which had been ruled out previously.So unless you have been doing something else like major exercises or suddenly stopped smoking ,I would say it is the Azi.Hope your improvement continues,good luck.D.

stopped smoking when i was first diagnosed with copd 14years ago, must be the pills

I am all way's ill.. with infections

That's brilliant, I've been taking azithromycin for a year now alongside vitamins and I have been taken off my oxygen and my Feb 1 has moved from 62 to 78 keep taking it x

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