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COPD/EMPHYSEMA with SOB and Vomiting


Hello, I'm 42 years old male. 18 months ago I had the right top lob of my lung removed due to shortness of breath and fatigue but now I think my breathing is worst. When I have shortness of breath my airwave cut off and all I can do is vomit. The vomit does not come from my stomach but all the flem in my airwave. I vomit this stuff up anywhere from 2-6 times per day. There are times I get shortness of breath from just sitting or talking on the phone. The Doctor who did my right lung is talking about taking my left top lob. I'm not sure if I can go thur it again and scared I may even be worst after it's all over. I'm so scared that I have put a wall up between my health conditions and the Doctors. My father died when he was 46 due to lungs failure. Not sure where to turn at this point. I was supposed to get a MIR and see the Lung Specialist in Oklahoma City at OKLAHOMA UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL but I got scared and never went and never went back. At this point I'm sure what to do. Does anyone here have SOB with Vomiting?

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Sorry for your situation. I get SOB all the time but it never makes me vomit. Hope someone comes along soon to help you take care

Welcome to the site Cobyu

Lovely photo.😊 Nice post also. I have moderate copd and do not vomit. I think in order to help you better, we need to know a little more about your diagnosis. How long have you had copd? Whats your fev1? (Or stage)

As you are quite young, have you been checked for alpha-1? How are your sats?

(Oxygen level) why did the dr. do the operation? Have you been checked for an infection? There are so many wonderful, knowledgeable people on this site.😊 Also quite a few younger ones, such as yourself. Hopefully we can help you out some. It always saddens me to see younger people in their 40's dealing with lung problems.

It's good to meet you Cobyu .

Rubyxx 😊

Hi, I really think you might try and be brave and reinstate that visit to the lung specialist ASAP. We all need to avoid further lung damage. Get help now.

See the specialist, the issues you have now could be seperate from the lung reduction operation.

There is a disease called bronchiectasis causing varying amounts of mucous which needs to come out. Those who have it usually have to learn techniques to bring it up themselves daily.

Perhaps you've had an infection? We have to learn the signs & get early treatment. My friends child had a litre of pus drawn off a lung (my friend doesn't believe in antibiotics & nearly lost her son)......only mentioning it because I'd had no idea the lungs could hold so much gunk.

Good luck my friend, let us know how you get on.

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