Still can't get a diagnosis for my dad

Hi all sorry I haven't posted in a while just been manic seems like one thing after another I took your advice an paid £200 to see a private resperiritory consultant in December to see if I could get a diagnosis for my dad but unfortunately he said he wouldn't diagnose until dad had the lung function test I explained that the main reason we were trying to get a diagnosis was that we had booked a holiday last September and dad was fine never had problems with his chest we booked for his birthday in may to Malaysia an we were so looking forward to it as we were meeting friends out there an we had to cancel last year as I was taken ill it was also for mum an dad's 50th anniversary dad's now done lung function test but they wouldn't give me any idea how he did and I've rang consultants secretary but she said there's no appointments with consultant till at least March or April I explained I appreciate how busy she is but dad as had ct scan, xray , blood test and lung function test and allergy tests and all I want to know is what's wrong if he as copd asthma or whatever so we can either cancel holiday or ring travel insurance to see if they will insure him. Can I ask if anyone as been in this situation and if they know if there is anything I can do we should pay the rest of holiday this week and if dad can't go that's fine at least we know and will cancel but if he can then I need to see if I can insure him he's so much better than he was but they don't seem to understand at docs or hospital all the hospital have said is we could pay the fit to fly test and I said that's fine but you keep saying you not certain that he as copd and want to make sure before diagnosing she said might be asthma or even think he might have had pneumonia I said I would pay the fit to fly but that still won't tell me what's wrong with him so surely wouldn't it be better to get diagnosis then if it's copd an he needs to then do the fit to fly test please if anyone can suggest what we can do I would appreciate have kept asking is gp but he keeps saying wait see what the lung function an consultant say sorry it's a long post I just don't know what I can do.

Thanks all hope your all ok an any advice would be helpful


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Hi Bunker I am sorry I can't help but I am sure others will be along shortly who can.

I just noticed that you don't lock your posts. That is up to you of course but I don't know if you are aware that they can go viral and appear on google, fb and twitter, If you want to lock them you need to click on 'community only' when you post.

I hope you get some answers soon. Take care. x

thanks for pointing that out

Hello Jackie

What a predicament, you sound as if you are going around in circles.

I really don't know how you are going to get around this.

The consultants secretary holds all the cards when it comes to getting through to him, l would call her again, feigning tears if you have to, explaining you are at your wits end and asking her advice what to makes them feel important...and at times like this , you have got to do drastic things !

Ask her if you could have a quick telephone call from him, just so you know where you stand with your holiday insurance....It's a long shot...but worth a try.

Good luck

Velvet xx

From my own experience I would say that if there are still ongoing tests and appointments insurance is a problem straight away. Even though I know most of my problems I am still having ongoing tests. When I tried to get insurance for a trip I was going to do by rail to Spain I found the cost so high I did not go. I have been told that I will need a fit to fly but they added that they could not guarantee that I would be fit to fly on the return flight? So they do not recommend I fly at all! This again puts my return home at a high cost to the insurance company if needed, as they would have to have a specially equipped plane to get me back.

My best quote was Around £900 but horrendous excess my least excess was £2000 but still had a £250 per treatment charge on top!

I have multi conditions so that has not helped me at all. But bare in mind that if you miss something it could be the insurers get out clause to paying out?

Hope you get it sorted soon.

Hi Bunker, I am so sorry you find yourself in this position, however, with regard to the holiday and the insurance needed for your dad, you will probably need to speak to the insurers themselves regarding the tests he has had and the fact that there is no diagnosis, this should be your first port of call, as insurance is difficult to get when a person is sick. Unfortunately, phoning the consultant will not get you a quicker result, it took 2 years for me to get a result and I was seeing my consultant at least every three months. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Maximonkey

You could try just to leep ringing sec and ask for cancellation appt or phone call from specialist ot can she ask him for you just beg secretary its what ive done ..when ive been desperate...

However i do agree with other replys that you will struggle with ins...i have liver disease..autoimmune but if lm waiting on results or more proceedures its a devil of a job to get ins they are more okay with existimg conditions or regularly check ups proceedures.good luck but hate to say it think you might have yo cancel again

Book somewhere special or isle of wight...he may not feel well enough for long flight anyway! Best wishes cazer.

Thanks all for your replies take care


Wow never heard anything like this. I have COPD but can fly! What is the prob with insurance?

It's because he's been in hospital and they still haven't diagnosed him they said in hospital copd they thought but since being discharged the consultant as looked at dad's xray an ct scan an bloods and she says she isn't convinced and wanted to do lung function test and allergy test which I said is great and the managed bring appointment forward to do the lung function test but now I'm waiting on the results so still can't try to renew travel insurance rang today and asked the secretary if she can fax the results to doctors bit she says the it's waiting on the consultant so she knows it's urgent but still hasn't done it. Can I ask do you travel long haul and who do you use for your travel insurance

Thanks jackie

No maximum is 4 hours. I just use my E1.11 never had any problems. Plus always pay for flights with my credit card. My COPD is relatively mild and under good control. Hope this helps xx

Because dad was fine an not had any chest problems before we normally go thailand or Malaysia so it's 14 hrs flight we are booked on travel agent as give us an extra 2 weeks so just hope we know by then

Thanks for reply

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