Its time to ROCK YOU AWAKE :) (for those who like that kind of thing)

Its time to ROCK YOU AWAKE :)  (for those who like that kind of thing)

Turn the volume up, Move to it, Sing to it whatever it'll be good for everything but your ears. :) . Dall's Rock Playlist

After a morning exercise session I'm now wondering if I should venture out, it looks pretty windy and I hate walking in the wind, it just seems to burn all your energy and sucks all the breath right out of you.

On the plus side its quite mild :)

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  • Will have to catch your rockin' vid later, got to go out, but it's VERY windy so don't go for a walk Tony it's too hard in this wind. I'm only going to take my mum to the GP!

  • Rock on, Tony. Cranking up the volume! You do have good taste in music. xx

  • Hi Dall, you have inspired me to resurrect my Wii fit and blow the dust off my mini trampoline....don't know if I am up to Jumping Jack Flash yet though.

  • Rocking around the clock Tony. You seem to be doing well and don't let that wind get you.

    Take care. Xxx 😘

  • Jumping Jack Flash wouldn't play for me :) but I enjoyed Deep Purple. The wind is wild today , a sidekick of Storm Henry. I ended up walking in it for about ten minutes today and once or twice, the gusts were so bad, I had to cling on to the...

  • Great tracks Tony and pleased to hear you being up beat about the call I do hope it come through for you. I'm not doing much at the moment started with a sore throat that turned in to a chest infection back on meds and bloody steroids but when it clear I'm back to keeping fit.

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