Just discovered that the social work dept,are willing to release money for me to get a couple of days away.

Hubby and I have decided my 14 year old son and I should go,and get a couple of days at the coast.I'm so excited.

The only reason I can even get away is thanks to the amazing people who helped me fundraise to raise the money for my portable concentrator. I'm so happy.

I've been walking a lot more,building up my strength

I may have a terminal diagnosis,but I'm a strong Scottish woman,I refuse to just sit and wait for death,if it want me,it'll need to take me on,and it better be brave lol.

I hope all you lovely people are as well as can be 💗

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  • Keep it up and fight it has hard as you can good luck

  • So proud of you for your inner strength and positivity

  • Hi goth mum, you have a terrific attitude!

    Enjoy your few days break, you deserve it. Love moongirl.. 😀. X

  • Brilliant news gothmum and l am sure you and your son will have a great time.

    Stay strong. Xxx

  • Hi Gothmum I love your attitude great news you and and the kids have a great time at the coast and glad you have got your own portable concentrater now so enjoy yourselves and take care hope to hear from you when come back


  • You go for it gothmum, I hope the weather is kind to you while you are away. You've got it, it hasn't got you. Give it laldy. Maggie x

  • hope you have a great time away and nice to see you have a positive attitude it does help a lot , take care

  • Hi

    May i ask how you accessed that as its not something ive heard of...I am in Wales so we may not do the same things here but i would chop my arm off for a break away from these 4 walls ..

  • I'm getting the respite because I have the district nurses in and out every few days and they referred me to the adult services via social work,my hubbys my carer and the social workers wanted me to have outside carers in,I told them to jog on,so they asked if id at least accept respite lol.Hope you're as well as can be xxx

  • Have a lovely time x x x x

  • Good for you ! Go make some memories.

  • Amazing go and have a fantastic time



  • PMA and enjoy the days away.

  • Great news for you Gothmum. Hope you and your son have a lovely few days away. It`ll do you both a world of good to have a change. Keep well, Sheila xx

  • Hope you and your son have a great time...

  • Hope you have a great time take care

  • Oh well done hope you and your son have a fantastic holiday it would be nice if your husband could be with you, enjoy and take care xx

  • I find if I sit down for too long my chest and back starts to ache , also I get tetchy , I need to keep on the go. But other days I'm like a zombie. I can only presume this is my body telling me to slow down 😀

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