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Hot Shower

Got in the shower the other morning & did not bother to turn on the extracter,I had the shower nice &shot,the room filled with steam,next minute I felt awful,dizzy & felt faint.This feeling lasted quite awhile, I thought what has caused this,so I googled it,was said I had had drop in BP causing my symptoms.I now watch the settings very closley & it has not done it since.I have also been on Norse oil now for about a month & my excoptic heart beats have settled down.One consultant put me on the high omega 3for about six months saying the reduce inflammation in the arteries,this did work for me till the heart consultants stopped then & my own doctor cannot prescribe them.I take a table spoon a day & it has worked for me.

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Hi Bootyaddict, you mention you have a heart condition. Do you have a lung condition also?

Sometimes the steam makes me sob but I have copd 🌷


Omega 3 is absolutely goods for both your heart and lungs. There so-called "experts" haven't a clue when it comes to natural substances.


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