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Still not fond one as to many to chose but have fond out one thing has I have been looking for a phone I did my own research and I was very surprise how much the diffrant in prices between each company I will give you let me see a iPhone 6s one was nearly £60.00 same phone same everything £49.00 the top one is a very will nowen phone companie for Mobil and the other one TVs same phone net work but one you can change your tariff at any time you like up or down at no cost as with the other you can not I can't put the names on here I do not think I thought I let you all know

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Iphone 6 for £60 wow,it's around £500+here.

That is monthly rentals

That is a lot to pay a month for a phone I got a phone from Vodafone for £17 a month and it dose everything one of those £60 phones dose

I have a payg SIM card in my iPhone 6. I don't really use it for calls though as I text & use whatsapp or FaceTime. It costs me about £10 every 6 months! 😂

Is that with o2

Hi Titchykath, no it's with Vodafone 🌺

The cheapest I have found for a phone on monthly is vergin plus you can let's say you have a phone for £20.00 a month line and min say you wand to pay £10 a month but after 3 months or what ever you want to only pay £5 a month to use the phone you can and you do not get charge for doing so ok you have got to tell them look it up you be surprise as I was so I am think in of change long over to them and I have been with the same phone company for about 10 or years

One bit of advice i can give is.. dont get a windows phone, i have the windows nokia lumiere, its not good. I hate it

sorry,I thought you were looking to buy.☺️

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