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really weird complications


as you all know I am end stage pulmonary fibrosis copd phseudamonid told no more treatments told my only hope is transplant not heard from them yet doesent look promising what I am trying to find out I am getting shakes there is no part of my body that does not get affected even in my sleep my feet and hand are really bad they just start shaking on their own ten minutes ago sitting in bed my arms shot up in the air along wth funny feeling in my chest hope someone knows about this

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Teaky, I don't want to scare you but I think you need to speak to a doctor or dial 111/999. Better safe than sorry. xx

I'd get that checked out teaky. Is it possible you've got a urinary tract infection? I had similar symptoms when I had quite a bad one. Have you got a fever? Are you on any new drugs?

Please get checked out teaky. Thinking of you. Xxx

Agree with all your friends teaky, please get this checked out hun.

love cx

Hello Teaky it could be a side effect of one of your medicine's so you need to get it checked out.Thinking of you and sending hugs, huff xxx


HI Teaky, the shakings if you have no infections couldn't be shock making you shake so much,, if you have no allergies to nuts , why not try almond milk it as all the vital vitamins in we need, as I see it Teaky our bodys uses vital recourses then,, we are already low on with extra breathing what dominates our health teaky,, we need fast absorbing foods , the vitamins in our foods leave us , well I think faster than healthy people, low vitamins of D as teaky, so up your food intake small meals , snacks but then the vits wunt leave our bodys as fast, its er bit like were toping up , almond milk as all the vits vital for us,, but that's me I would seek medical help, a, s, a, p, but keep in mind Teaky what iv said.,, I really hope Teaky that you get some answers soon as,,

Hi Teaky

Think you need more help then we can give you. I'm thinking maybe some kind of tremors. Wish I could be of more help. Are you by yourself? Please let us know what you find out. Will be thinking of you.

Rubyxx 😊

Hi ,I too am past my sell by date , Sorry to hear of your problem , I had same problem on a number of occasions,

but also getting very cold ,then hot in that order ,Shaking Violently ( terrifying experience ) Had to call 999 in my last episode ,

The hospital was sending me home after checking me out , when I started again ,

A young trainee doctor took over , Just gave me 2 Paracetamol witch sorted me out, then took sample of urine and kept me in till they found what infection i had , It was

E coli . Took months to clear in fact still on half tablet . but never get the shaking anymore - Good luck - Hope you get it sorted . John

I hope you are feeling better this morning, Teaky?

Hidden are any of yer symptoms Teaky similar,, never thought of e coli till Brunlea mentioned it,,

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