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left shoulder blade area pain

Hello Everyone,

new to this site, but I would like to ask for help.

In 2004 had triple heart by pass surgery, for 3-4 weeks after at home, had severe pain in left hand shoulder blade area, (seemed to be passing right through my chest from front to back), could only sleep with two warm pads one in front and one at my back, whilst sitting upright, eventually with time and pain killers it eased and was gone, (thank goodness)

Wind forward to january 2016, I have an angiogram procedure, which this time was very uncomfortable (have had 3 previously no issues at all) came out of hosp and developed a nasty barking dry cough for 2-3 days, (dont think hospital related)

caused very sore chest and rib area due to the heavy dry hacking, now cleared BUT the pain from 2004 is back in my left shoulder blade area, to me feels muscular, as it hurts to move bend get up etc, do any of this site's readers have similar experiences or advise ?

I am 70, but other than "ticker issues" am pretty strong and well

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I would go and ask your G.P, it might be your medication or as you say a pulled muscle I get it with the coughing. But I'm not an expert.

Good luck

Kim xxx


Thanks Kim for the welcome to the forum,

Being old school wating to see if heat and massage will help

GP's and tablets are my last resort

(I view them as the undertakers apprentices)

Ha Ha


Clive 1


Could be a pinched nerve.


Hello Clive. I missed your post yesterday but just want to say I don't think you should ignore this. If it's the same pain you had after your bypass and has only come on since the angiogram, it would be best to get it checked out. It sounds too much of a coincidence. I understand you wanting to avoid the GP if possible but in this case it could be risky to ignore it, I don't think you should presume it is muscular.


Thanks Hanne62,

Pleased to say the pain is easing off a lot

(thank goodness)




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