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Supporting Grieving Children after loosing Daddy

Just wondered if there was any children similar ages to mine (13&11) who have also lost a parent to ILD, the children are mainly ok but suffering some delayed grief and I'm thinking another child in a similar situation may comfort them :) if they could post any words of comfort to them i would really appreciate it xxx

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The charity Winston's Wish helps bereaved children and they have a helpline winstonswish.org.uk/

This happened to me as a child, but no counselling etc then. I am so glad you are thinking of the effect on the children, despite your own grief. Not all parents do. I hope you will all get the right help. Meanwhile, can I suggest you keep talking about him, both crying & laughing. The advice used to be "least said, soonest mended" but that is totally wrong for bereaved children.


Hello I have often thought of you and your children ,do hope you get the help you all need

Take care



How wonderful to be thinking of the effect loss can have on children. I hope others will be in touch. Thinking of you all. Xxx

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Sorry, we do not have any child members but the above suggestions are good ones.


Hi Warrior, sorry to hear of your bereavement, I am not sure what the association is called but Children in Need advertised an association which helps bereaved children. Maybe if you go on the Children in Need site or just Google Bereaved Children you may come up with the association. I remember a boy who had been helped with meeting other children in the same position as himself after his father died. He cycled with Matt in memory of his Dad in this years cycle ride for Pudsy. Hope this helps. Maximonkey.


Hi Warrior, I don't know where you live but if there is a hospice nearby they sometimes have facilities to help bereaved children, just ask. Also their school may be able to help as there should be Bereavement Counsellors within the Education Authority. Sorry for your loss and hope you soon find the help that is needed. Take care. Lizzy x


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