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Getting Lazy

I am getting so lazy I got a new car 3weeks ago well it's not new 11reg but I have always had old cars so I am going every were in it I have been a walk around the shops and park but the weather makes me go back to the car we have had some not so bad weather but it's the cold and the shortness of breath that get me I some time have to stop for a bit pain in my knees and my shortness of breath I was ask the other day if I was OK by this older lady I must get out more and leave the car Ed

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well you got to try the car out , maybe you will be keener to walk when the summer comes

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Get out without the car when the weather improves. Xxx


I agree with the others, it's your new baby. I know what you mean though, I get in my car far too often when the weather is cold or wet, but I will make sure I walk twice as much in the summer PROMISE XXXXX

Lunda x


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