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Results of cat scan


I did go for it the cat scan last Monday. I had asked in a post what members thought of taking it. (Thanks again for responding). So my results were a 4 ml. Nodule on my left lung. Dr. Said probably nothing to worry about, just check with another scan in 6 months to see if any changes. Has anyone else gotten this report after a scan? Just wondering how common this is. Guess it was a good idea to get the scan, but now I'll probably worry even though dr. Said not to.

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Batbara Yes I had the same as I also had copd I had to have another scan after 6 months result no change. then again after a further 12 months again no change then again a twelve month ct result no change. They will not test again unless I show any symptoms from it. Don't worry about it please.

Yep I have, too - it's common finding in hrct, and even more common in ex-smokers, like 60%... usually benign but as clematis says they'll measure it again at 6 mths, a year, 2 years and if no change A OK. The follow on scans are quicker & less xray heavy as they only do the same section.


I have COPD and I also had nodules on my lungs show up on CT scan. By the time I'm done with these CT scans I will have had three at six month intervals and one at the 12 month interval so four in total.

The nodule is nothing to worry about.

Same here had one for three years, no change. They just keep a check on it so don t worry.

I had a repeat ct scan and was told the nodules have disappeared, although they had not mentioned them before, quite glad really, I would have worried. Never been asked for any follow up scans since. Never smoked, I have bronchiectasis.

hi have not participated in conversations before i have just read peoples lovely comments but would like to put your mind at rest i have nodules on my lungs and went back for a second scan just to check if there were any changes in size , they had not increased in size so my consultant was quite happy to discharge me so please don't worry unneccesarily wait until your second scan I hope like me yours will be fine

Thanks to all of you for the uplifting comments. I decided not to worry. Actually we all know worrying never did help improve anything. I really do appreciate that you took the time to reply.

Best of health to you all

Hello Batbara,,,,you now have a basis to work from,,and as they have asked you to come back in 6 months for another,,,monitoring the situation is good,,,,,so now as a human we all start to worry,,,even though this doctor said not too,,well he can say that,,be we will worry,,what is going on in our body?,,,

I had one mri rechecking something from a previous mri and it was given as ok,,,and being on recall for my eyes,,seeing if glaucoma develops,,,,,so I understand how the worry takes hold,,,,,it is being calm and holding it in the back of your mind that is the problem,,,,,please try,,,,and take things steadily,,ttfn from Karen.

My story is exactly yours. Shadow on left long. CT scan. Results nodules. Check again in 6 months.

Best Wishes


Batbara in reply to Ladyinred123

Thank you. Wishing you the best of luck also Nicky.

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