British Medical Journal - tell them what you think of their medical ifromation


The BMJ are looking for people to read medical information online and let them know what they think of it. It involves only a small amount of reading and feeding back online: about an hour for each piece of information.

The information is largely for doctors but they’re also interested in lay people’s views of what they produce. They want to make sure they use patient friendly language and enable shared decision-making between doctors and their patients.

If you’re interested in helping, get in touch with Dr Kieran Walsh on



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  • Hi

    Posting personal details, naughty.

  • Hi

    Kieran has given us permission to put his work email address on the post - how else are people going to be able to contact him if they are interested? We would never suggest anyone post a personal email address.



  • It's his work email.

  • Hi Mark

    I just tried to email Kieran Walsh and it came up an invalid email address.

    I am happy to email you and then you could forward it on to him?

    Or give me another email address?

    All best wishes


  • I got through okay

  • Thanks Toci

    I'll try on my desktop.

    Generally more reliable.

    Kate xx

  • Yup. All went through, thanks.

    K x

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