can any one advise when i was 15 in 1971 i work as car break shoe fitter grinding brake shoes to put new pads on made of asbestos in them days no mask on their was fine particles floatin about in the air i developed ashma wen i was 20 but got that under control then four years ago had spirometry to c how my lungs were doc sent me to hospitail got told i had mild copd fev 82. something don't know wot that is never smoked but i hav passive smoked in other peoples company over the years can workin with asbestos cause copd had plenty chest infections in my early 20s doc said i probly have scar tissue in my lungs had xray 4 years ago no sign of copd in my lungs or any think else i live normal life use 2 inhalers one is pinky coulerd one and other is cream with brown cap i can sorta slow jog up 9 floors in a building my lungs seem not to bad but my legs go like jelly about 7 floors i am 60 though wonder is that normal with some one with copd

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  • Hi guytane again, I think it's best if you asked your GP or rang the BLF helpline...they may be able to answer your query .

    Take care

  • i was only in the job a wk and dident do it every day gp says its only people who have worked with it for years but it only takes a particle to get in your lungs I would say

  • think knitter is right you should speak more about it to your gp , im 40 wish I could jog up one floor slowly walking up one is a struggle

  • your only 40 how did you get copd

  • I started smoking from 12 years old was a heavy smoker for a lot of years and smoking cheap duty free tobacco consultants reckon my lungs shouldn't be like they are for my age , I been on farms from a toddler exposed to dust , chemicals ,ect , doctors reckon it wouldn't be from that but I have a feeling non of it helped ,

  • You sound in pretty good shape to me, guytane. Surely as that job was in 1971, any problems would have shown up on that xray you had 4yrs ago. But if it would put your mind at rest, ask your gp whether you can have another xray. Explain what you're worried about.

  • Why after 4 years, are you worried it's not copd? Do you have worsening symptoms?

    That could be just a cold or your COPD has got a little worse or you've got an infection.

    See your GP, you should be having yearly flu jabs & lung function tests.

    It's unlikely to be asbestos related after just a week on the job, otherwise everyone that had ever been in that job would have it.

  • I worked with brown asbestos for 10 years in my younger years. That was over 40 years ago I do not have great lungs and have RLD and Fibrosis and a few other things going on. When they xray they look for Broken Glass effect on the xray as a indicator of asbestos damage. A CT scan is the best thing to find lung problems but not readily given. One of the best thing is some people are never affected by it and some are but decades later.

    What has to be done now is a regular check up to follow the progress of the lungs and alter treatment if needed.

    When I went into ICU in 2008 I was asked if I worked with asbestos and I thought I had not but they kept asking. In 2012 they changed the law on asbestos compensation now I cannot get past the wall of BS.

    Do not think you have it but keep a close eye on everything?

    Be Well

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