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IPF and contraception!

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Hey everyone I'm 30 and just been diagnosed with IPF. I'm on azythromycin antibiotics which I take on a Monday Wednesday and Friday permanently.

I went to a family planning clinic and explained to them my situation and they very very rude, they wouldnt do the implant as its in for three years and they said would I even be around!! I couldn't believe my ears, so I'm faced with the only option of the contraceptive pill but my question is will it have any interaction with my antibiotics and vice versa.

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All I can say is report who said that

Take care


Sorry but cannot help you with your query but I am horrified at the comment made to you. They should be reported, they certainly need to have some training. Please don't let the comment get to you, easier said than done sometimes. Take care xx

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I suggest talking to one of the nurses at BLF; they are the best, informed advisers on all matters to do with lungs.

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Thank-you, how do I go about contacting them?

That was a terrible thing to say to you - please don't be afraid to report whoever said it. Too often people don't go down that route for various reasons. I have never been a complaining sort of person, but when my husband passed away after a Massive Heart Attack last August I reported one of the nurses in CCU ( everyone else was amazing, including the Paramedics who brought him back from a Cardiac Arrest before taking him to Hospital. ) My complaint was dealt with sympathetically & quickly & I just hope the nurse in question has learned something from the situation & no one else has to experience what happened with us as a family. Incidentally, I also contacted the Ambulance Service & asked them to pass on my thanks to the two Paramedics who treated my husband that night - we know that, sadly , a lot of criticism is levelled at them but we don't hear about the amazing work that they do.

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Hi Helen, you made a great point; be sure and compliment when there's a job will done!

If we do both; complain when wronged and recognize when served well, there's a sort of 'cosmic balance'.

But then again...don't complain at a restaurant before you eat...you'll never know what was really in your food. Wait until you're finished eating for any complaints. HA!

...and tip big for good service, they'll remember that!


Disgusting and need reporting. Xxx

Hi Ejbid

Don't know about the interaction of your meds. Have to agree with the others. You should definitely report that

person, that made that comment to you.

I can imagine how bad they made you feel.Here you are so young to be dealing with your diagnosis, and she made you feel even worse. Don't let her get to you.You are better than that.

Rubyxx 😊

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Thanks everyone, the nurses didn't really register with me until I got home as I was still numb form my recent diagnosis but yes you are right I am better than that and her comments just proved what sort of person she really is!

that's a terrible thing to say I think like the rest you should report it , heres a link that may be of some help


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Thank you for your help

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Hi EJbid, You have enough to cope with. I have never complained in my life but things are changing from now on I am going to complain! I am not surprised but please do complain it might stop it happening to somebody else. I cannot help with your query. Good Luck Kaye x

As an ex family planning nurse I am horrified by your experience. You definitely should write/ring PALS at your local NHS.

Long acting reversible contraception like implant, injection and IUD should be preferable as oral contraceptive pill is ineffective when using antibiotics.

Good luck

I am both horrified and angry for you in equal measure. Good advice from your friends above hun. You are right, you are far better than that and should be treated in a respectful manner at all times. Along with all the good advice already given I would be inclined to ask for a private chat with your pharmacist too. They can be so helpful when it comes to medication interactions.

Defo put in a complaint hun - her comments and behaviour were completely unacceptable.

Good luck and I hope you get it sorted out.

loe cx


I agree with all the previous posts......It's unacceptable that someone can be so insensitive, I have an Interstitial lung disease and dealing with that in itself is enough without unhelpful ignorant comments from someone who should know better.

Incidentally there's lot of good research and medical trials going on at the Royal Brompton Hospital re IPF please don't think I am being pushy just wanted to share that with you

Take care

She x

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Hi thank you for the support. What sort of research and trials is there?


I will reply fully later on I am just off to my sons house to mind my granddaughter..... I have a recent Newsletter that I can send you???

Have a good day


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That woukd be lovely thankyou.



Home now from babysitting. Do you have an email address I can send the attachment to? Not very techy and don't know how else to get the Newsletter to you!

I recently contacted the Royal Brompton Hospital and may visit them a bit later in the year. Apparently they are very good

Take care


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