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Cops coughing blood


In my last post I said about coughing up blood and pain behind shoulder Diane answered my post but I can't seem to find her again she said to go to the doctor which I did he said not to use my shaker or cough hard and come back in a week this has not helped I'm going to see my consultant on 28th January so hopefully he will help as overtime I have less and less faith in my GP

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Hello June. Its a pity that gp's are a bit of a lottery. Glad you can see consultant. Hope you get proper treatment.

June24 in reply to Diana1954

Hello Diana thanks again for taking the time to answer I think I'm lucky that I had this appoiNtment coming up hopefully my luck is changing hope all is well with you


Sorry your GP is a waist of space surly if you are coughing up blood you should have handed in a sputum sample. Hope you get better treatment from your consultant take care xx

June24 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for answering my post I will post again after 28th hope you are keeping well

Hidden in reply to Hidden

Exactly! I really do not think the most G.P.'s are equipped to deal with things like this. They would like to sweep us all under the carpet. Good luck with your appointment.

Hope you get the right help next week and maybe find a different GP. Xxx

June24 in reply to sassy59

Thank you for answering my post I was thinkiNg along those lines myself hope you are keeping well

Hi June24 - I'm amazed but also not surprised by your GP's inadequate diagnosis; really pleased you have an appointment to see your consultant on 28th Jan.

Over the past 4 months, I've been coughing up blood, it's called an haemoptysis. My consultant puts me on a 5 day course of Tranexamic. The bleeding is usually due, in my case, by an infection so I also start a 5 or 10 day course of Ciprofloxacin.

You don't say how much blood you're coughing up.

For your GP to tell you not to cough so hard is ludicrous; none of us deliberately do that!

Your consultant will know exactly what to do and how to help you so, don't worry 😊

June24 in reply to Covenham

Thank you for replying it is small streaks of blood not every time I cough hope you are feeling better

June I think you should go back and demand an X-ray, I too coughed up blood and my GP sent me the same day for X-ray followed by scans and eventually radium as mine turned out to be lung cancer but this is not forced to be the same outcome for you, you may have been coughing to much but it needs ruling out. Don't despair whatever the outcome I have just finished my last radium treatment and feeling fine,I am reporting on here of my progress so look out for my posts. The doctors and radiographers were brilliant and very optimistic of the results and I was told it was because they caught it early, so don't hang about straight back to your GP tomorrow. I wish you well.

June24 in reply to Scud

Thanks for your reply but I live in a village only one doctor twice a week and as am due to see my hospital doctor on Thursday .i hope all is goingwellfor you and wish you good health and thanks

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