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Hi ,,,,still got that awfull pain in left side ,ie; in between shoulder blade and waist,,,,nothing seems to help ,copd nurse came Thursday after I rang to say I had sent in a sputum sample ,,,and that I still had the pain ,,,,he suggested (. after listening to my lower chest at base of lungs where he could hear crackles. ) ,,,I go on my stand by antibiotics until they get the results on Monday ,so I'm now on amoxicillin 500 ,,,,,just can't understand this pain ,,,,,hoping for answers on Monday ,,,,,as I am supposed to be going for a spa day with my daughter to celebrate my belated birthday on Thursday ,,,,,,

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  • Oh Nan l do hope you feel better soon and can go out with your daughter. Thinking of you. Xxx

  • Thanks for your good wishes sassy ,x

  • Good luck with the results on Monday and hopefully you will have a fantastic spa day with your daughter xx

  • Thank you ,,,fingers crossed

  • Hi nanny can I just ask how many doses a day of amoxicillin 500 you prescribed?

    Many thanks

  • Hi ,amoxicillin 500 two tablets 3 times a day ,,,,I have to say ,,,,I'm holding my breath for a quick recovery ,,,, This is my standby antibiotic,,,,,,but sadly it does very little in my recovery ,,,at least ,,,,over the years that's what I've found ,,,,,but i take it until the results are back ,,,

  • Thanks for that nanny.do hope you well again very soon

  • Hope the antibiotics work for u this time nanny, wishing u the best for Monday and ur day out Thursday xx Sonia xx

  • Hi ,thanks Sonia

  • Thank you ,

  • Hope you're feeling better real soon Nan!

  • Thank you

  • I know this may seem a bit of nonsense but early in December my coughing was getting out of control (again) and one night I coughed so hard I fell out of bed unfortunately I sprained my back. I do have to say I quite often pull muscles when coughing cos I have muscle wastage and have been known to topple over when a coughing spell starts, it's very alarming for unsuspecting shoppers if I'm out. Anyway the cough is now a bit more controlled (more meds of course) but the pain still persisted until about a fortnight ago when I decided to clear my handbag out and put my emergency medical stuff in a small rucksack which hubby carries. Hey presto the pain has more or less disappeared. So a new light weight bag is on my books and a smaller purse, so I don't carry to much change around.

    I hope you feel better soon, enjoy your day at the spa the pampering will do you good, we all need a bit of tlc.



  • Tlc ,,,perfect ,,,,a lighter bag I can agree with ,,my friend has everything in hers ,,,you need something and she'll say oh I think I've got one in my bag haha mine though is only light weight my purse my inhalers and glasses and tissues ,,,,I do hope I get my tlc day ,,,but if not on Thursday ,,,,,soon ,

    Thanks a lot ,

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