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have read other peoples views on this subject, and if l am honest confused. My test was done as l have stiff joints. My mum had RA, plus chronic lymphatic leukaemia but l don't have that RA. Do however have treated gout and lung problems yet to be confirmed as to what it is ,as my local hosp transferred me as the steroids l was on for two years did nothing, to Brompton. So would gout and lung problems not make some difference to the levels results. last month test showed protein raised also, not high in either case.

My doc phoned and told me it was important l have this test redone in two weeks time and see him about results.

Should l be worried, as l am still waiting on Brompton. On no medication for lungs, as they don't know what l have. Was however upto july last year on steroids for two years but taken off. Know steroids can thin ur bones.

Like to hear other peoples views, please.

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Hi what's ESR please? Did you realise your post is unlocked and can go viral? Did you see Rib's very recent post? x


no l did not realise it was unlocked. thanks for letting me know.


Its a sedimentation blood test, Cough, which shows up if there is inflammation in the body, but being a blood test, it can't show where the inflammation is occurring, just that its there. It measures how fast the red blood cells sink in the test tube over an hour, faster/lower meaning more inflammation.

Not sure if it measures the sinkage of other blood components.

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Inhaler steroids? Or tablets - prednisolone? What test showed protein raised?


I have RA have been on steroids for many years. it is not inherited but you can be more prone if parents have it. Gout is a member of the arthritis family, and both could make a difference to ESR. My lung problems started because of arthritis meds, hope this might be of some use to you. Take care and hope you get sorted soon jan x


My ESR was sky high when I had Polymyalgia Rheumatica. This can cause very stiff joints. Sheila


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