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High platelet count

Hi all!

Wanted some advice for my mum please, hopefully to put her mind at rest.

She had a blood test done back in November that showed her platelets were high, she saw a consultant who ran further tests. All the tests (10 in total) came back negative and she said with her COPD she will always have some sort of infection inside her that will cause a high count. She wanted to carry on monitoring her and said that they may stay the same or they may go up in which case she will look into it.

Since then she has had quite a bad infection (which I wrote about on here a couple of days ago) she was on quite strong antibiotics and steroids which she feels havent really helped. She saw the dr yesterday and she said it had more or less cleared up. Mum told her that she still doesnt feel 100% with aching around her back and under her ribs. The dr put it down to bruising from the coughing!! She then said she would refer her to pulmonary rehab and to get a chest xray (the 3rd since oct)

Today she had a follow up with her consultant regarding her bloods and unfortunately since November her count has gone up. The consultant has now offered a scan to see what is going on.

What I am basically asking is, has anyone else experienced a high platelet count due to an underlying infection? She just wants peace of mind as she is extremely anxious, she doesnt want to go out and just sits at home worrying about what it might be.

Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated!

A very anxious daughter 😢

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Its not something ive heard anyone mention but as she is having a scan they will soon sort it out...xrays tell very little so lets hope the appointment comes quick to your mind at ease.


High. My wife has a condition that regularly causes her platelet levels to rise and fall. May I ask what numbers your Mum's levels are going up and down too please? Regards Rib


Hi Rib they have gone from around 575 to 650. At the first appointment the consultant wasnt too worried as all her tests came back negative so that is why she is now being sent for a scan.


Gosh. They are high aren't they. Ann says that she is not able to suggest as he's vary from about 350 down to 35.

We wish your Mum luck with her scan. Rib


Thank you.


I do not have COPD but I have issues with not getting completely clear and it seems that I hold the gunk in my lungs and then it builds to make my body then look to fight it which puts all the test figures out again.

One of the important things is not to let it bring you down as that will not help the repair process. Very often it finding the Killer AB that is all that is needed.

Be Well

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Thank you for your reply offcut. I think deep in the back of her mind (and everyones) is, is it cancer? The consultant said, we will find this infection and flush it out! Lets hope so.


Hi, great replies from Rib.

I can only add that the scan will show everything on the lungs and it's great she's getting one. I wouldn't bother with the GPs X-ray - as long as she gets the scan.

Reassure your mum that it's marvellous she's getting medical attention, many gave to fight for it these days.

Soon she'll get a proper diagnosis and the correct treatment and can look forward to Spring and Summer.

If your ma has been on antiBs and steroids it could be those that are making her feel down - and the dreary winter of course.

Good luck to you both. P

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Yes you are right. She is just fed up with feeling under the weather. Good job she is under a consultant really because her GP just seems to shrug it off. She knows her own body and she keeps telling her that something isnt right.

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You are so right I have been on some high strength AB these past months on and off and they will make you feel ill. They are a poison after all.


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