mrs Sylvia Hanington

I am 73 yrs old and suffer from IPF, Osteoporosis and Rheumatoild Arthritis. I have recently had two bouts of Pheumonia and 9 months ago fell and fractured my femur so was in hospital for 7 weeks. Just getting sort of mobile again with walking frame and stick !! No fun getting old is it. Recently had a cornea implant but unortunately am now blind in the treeted eye so have had to give up driving. Sorry about my tale of woe, but here's to hoping 2016 will be a better year for us.


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  • YES 2016 could be better and I do hope it will be or you!! :)

  • Thanks for replying. Here's to us all in 2016 x

  • Hi Sylvia, sorry to hear of your health issues and hope things do improve for you. Take care. Xxx (

  • Thank you sassy59. We have to plod on don't we !

  • I hope things get better for you. Getting old is not fun.

  • No not fun, but at least we are still here !!!!!

  • Hello Sylvia same age as myself , like you say not much fun getting old but some people don't have the privilege do they?

    I don't think your telling a tale of woe just telling we who listen what s wrong with you you take care


  • Hello Sylvia, hope things improve for you and 2016 is good for you.

    Getting old is certainly no fun.

    My family have banned me from driving, too be honest I agree with their decision.

    I'm 73 yrs old too and 2015 wasn't my best year.

    So let's hope 2016 is our year.


  • I do miss my driving, love to trundle round Garden Centres etc. but hey ho, we must be grateful for small mercies (not sure of spelling should it be mercys!) At least my sense of humour is still looming !

    S x

  • Hi Sylvia. You are not alone...some folks seem to grow old without many probs, others get the lot! Take care. God bless.

  • I know makes you sick doesn't it. Never mind, let's be grateful for what we have got.

    S x

  • Hello Sylvia

    73 isn't's the new 60 !!

    You have had a rotten time, let's hope 2016 will be a big improvement for you.

    We are all here for you if you feel like a chat or a rant 😂

    Velvet xx

  • How lovely to hear from all my friends on this forum. One can feel very isolated at times. Thank you for responding. x

  • hello Sylvia

    you are never isolated now you know us lot.

    Make sure you come on for a chat, we are always here for you.

    velvet xx

  • Hi Sylvia and welcome to the forum. You've got a lot on your plate, I really hope this year is a better one for you. 73, isn't that old nowadays xx

  • Thank you. Yes 73 isn't really old is it, but at times when things aren't going too well, I feel 93!!!!!!! Never mind we keep plodding on don't we. x

  • Getting old is no fun but the alternative doesn't appeal to me much either!

  • Me neither !!!!! Lots to do before I "pop my clogs"

  • I second that we should live for the future forget about the past. I hope 2016 is a good year for you take care xx

  • Thank u, here's to 2016 !

  • Thank you all for your replies. I feel better already, In fact spent the weekend with hubby helping with his aged Mum (97yeas old) and she has terminal Cancer, so I am feeling lucky to be around, albeit a little fragile today, after the weekend, but hubby wont leave me at home, so takes me along with him. At least I can sit and chat with her while he cares for both of us. I thank God for a wonderful partner. Just dont know how I would manage without him.

    Love to everyone suffering, but at least we are still here to tell the tale !!!!!

  • You seem a bit down................I too worry more When I am ill......

    Mrs Sylvia..........Sounds as though you have a lot going on.........

    I just get a bit angry that the illness get us down a bit......But I can feel in a few day's time there some one that is going to make you happy..a supprise...........all is not lost yet.........and new tecknoledgy

    night night from carol...14/02/16 02;16

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